Friday, March 19, 2010

That's Just How We Roll

It's official...I have totally and completely ruined my dog.

In the back of my mind, I always knew that letting Howie ride in the BOB with Addie last summer was a bad idea. Howie likes being pampered. He likes being picked up and placed on the bed at he doesn't have to strain himself jumping up on his own. He likes having his treats fed to him, instead of just having them tossed on the floor. He is spoiled rotten and I should have known that I was creating a monster.

So when I packed the kids up for our third walk this week, I was feeling pretty confident that Howie was over his riding-in-the-BOB addiction since he had walked next to us the last two days. But about a block into our stroll, Howie stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, turned around, and hopped into the stroller. Addie thought this was awesome and started screaming "YAY!!! Howie hop up!!!" So obviously, I couldn't take him out after seeing how excited she was. But then when I got a few disapproving stares from neighbors, I thought I should at least try to make him walk. So I took him out and made him walk another block. The whole time, Addie kept screaming for him to get back in and Howie finally looked up at me with pleading eyes. How could I say no to actual puppy dog eyes? So I let him hop up. Again.

You know...I am probably wrong for not making him walk, but damn it...he was so happy! His little tongue was out, Addie was laughing and petting him the whole time, and Blake was finally able to get some much needed R&R on his side of the stroller. I think he appreciates when someone else has Addie's attention besides him. Ha!

So when we approached a group of teenage boys playing basketball in their driveway, I was just waiting for them to make a smart ass comment about how I had my dog in the stroller. But instead, one of them yelled "That dog is bad ass! Does he just chill like that the whole way?" and I said "Yep. Its just how we roll."


  1. Hysterical! I'm pretty sure Howie and Jack would be best friends :)

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  3. that's awesome, I LOVE it.

    The good news is, that is the kids stroller, at least you don't have a DOG stroller that you are pushing around.


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