Saturday, March 6, 2010

To My Addie on Her Birthday Weekend...

It is absolutely amazing how much you have grown this year pumpkin. You went from being my adorably chubby, bald my beautifully tall, pig-tail-wearing little girl. It feels like it all happened overnight, yet looking back I realize that you experienced so many new things this year.

For starters, you were able to sign up for your very first tumble bees class! Here you are, just a few weeks after your first birthday...

You were able to take two tumble bees classes this year and you had more fun than I ever imagined. You were quite the little jumping bean :-) And speaking of which, here is a picture of your first time in a bouncy house at your cousin Gracie's party. You were addicted from that moment on :-)

You also had your first trip to the beach club this year! Daddy and I couldn't wait to take you because we thought you would love the water. But you made it very clear that you are my daughter because you preferred just sitting on your beach chair taking in the sun (with SPF 60 of course :-)

We also took our first trip to the zoo! You loved pointing at all the animals and trying to make their sounds. You still love doing your tiger sound the best :-)

You also got your first job this year as Mommy's assistant. And let me just tell are the best assistant that any mommy could ever ask for. look pretty darn cute in Nana's glasses.

Because you were still just a baby at Halloween last year, Daddy and I didn't take you trick-or-treating. But this year was a different story. You and Nia couldn't wait to get out there and show off your costumes. Halloween might be your new favorite holiday (next to Christmas of course :-)

And speaking of being Mommy's assistant, you also learned to bake with me this year! You rolled out the dough and cut out your own cookies for Santa. He really appreciated them too :-)

And last but not least, you also got to experience your first wedding! Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan asked you to be their flower girl and I think you did them proud. You walked straight down the isle, holding your beautiful basket, and you sat patiently on Nana Davis' lap the whole time. You were a precious little angel and by far the cutest flower girl I have ever seen :-)

You have literally grown up right before my eyes this year sweetie and I can't believe how many things you have become. Here are just a few of my favorite developments...

You Became a Fashionista

Around a year old, you decided that you wanted to start picking out some of your outfits. You literally pulled these pieces from your drawer. Not bad for a first try....if it was 1980 :-)

And even though it was only April and a mere 50 degrees outside, you thought you would walk around in your bikini. I thought it was a nice choice, but Daddy didn't approve.

And like all fashionistas, you developed an addiction to designer handbags. I blame your great Aunt Lori for this one because she is responsible for giving you your first Dooney and Burke :)

Your other Great Aunt Kathy is responsible for this ensemble. You were obsessed with your coconut bra and grass skirt. And even though Halloween had been over for several months, you still thought it was an appropriate outfit to wear for a party :-)

Now that you are a big girl and can pretty much dress (and undress) yourself, you have been spending more time on accessories. Santa brought you your princess crown and shoes and you haven't taken them off since. They are your go-to accessories :-)

And speaking of crowns, I suppose we should talk about your next development...

You Became a Drama Queen

Don't worry...I am not judging you for being a Drama Queen honey. You are the daughter of an even bigger Drama Queen so I knew it was only a matter of time before you started showing this side of yourself. I guess I just didn't realize it would start so soon! You are just a girl who knows what she wants and what she doesn't want.

And what you don't want is Santa.

You wanted absolutely nothing to do with him this year and that's okay. Santa forgives you. I guess when it comes to sitting on boy's are very particular :-) And that, my dear, brings us to your next development...

You Became a Little Flirt

Even though you LOVE hanging out with Patrick and sitting on Ian's lap...

There is still only one boyfriend in your life. And his name is Connor (a.k.a. "coco" or "noner"). Conner has been there from the beginning and even though it was love at first sight for you two...

Connor waited until you were a little older to make his first move...

Connor is actually coming into town a little early for your birthday and he will be here tonight!! Better go pick out your outfit and call your girlfriends for reinforcement. Speaking of your girlfriends...

You Became a Best Friend

You have always had lots of friends in your life, but this year you really learned what it means to be best friends with someone. You learned that being best friends means always making time for that person, just like you and Kennedy do for each other :-)

You also learned that being best friends with someone means sharing all of your toys and snacks with them. And if they are your best friend, they will share with you too...just like Audrey does whenever you are together...

And best of all, you learned that being best friends with someone means getting to have fun and act silly with each other. You and Nia love to play together and I don't think I have ever seen a cuter set of BFFs in my life :-)

And even though all of these developments have been super special, the most special development of all was yet to come.

You Became a Big Sister

Seeing you hold your baby brother for the first time this year was the sweetest moment of my life. You had the biggest smile on your face and you grabbed for him like he was yours. We let you hold him on the couch for the longest time and you just stared at his face and kissed his cheeks...

I was so worried that you would be jealous of the time that I was spending with Blake, but decided to become mommy's little helper. I think its because you were just as much in love with him as I was.

It has been two months now and you still can't keep your hands, or your lips, off little "Bwake". You love holding him, playing with him and and making him smile. And every night before you go to bed, you always kiss and hug him goodnight.

I know your relationship with your brother won't always be this magical, but I do hope that you continue to be the loving big sister you have become. I am so proud of you Addie. You are, and always will be, my sweet baby girl. I love you to pieces.

We hope you have a Happy Birthday tomorrow sweetheart!!! Here's to another happy, healthy year!!!


  1. Jen This was SUCH an incredibly sweet post, I read the whole thing and enjoyed it thoroughly! Happy Birthday Addie - hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating!

  2. That last bit got me all choked up!

    LOVE this post!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Addie!

  3. I loved this post!!! My favorite picture is the first tantrum picture! Ha! It is so *real*! At least you had your coffee, right? Whew! ;) Happy Birthday Jr. Drama Queen! Your bloggy buddies love ya! :)

  4. Happy birthday to your little princess!! :)


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