Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: The BEST Diet for Nursing Mommies

I will never forget the look on my OB nurse's face when I told her at my 6-week postpartum appointment that I was going to start my diet. "OH CANNOT diet when you are nursing. Your milk will dry right up!!" I guess I should have been more specific with her, since there are a lot of fad diets out there (like the all soup diet? Sick.) Anyway, what I really should have told her was that I was going to cut out a lot of sweets, buy low-fat or non-fat options when I can, and eat waaaaaay more fruits, veggies and fiber. That would have sounded a little better don't you think? I mean afterall, she was the same nurse that told me that I needed to eat healthy while nursing.

Well, the great news for all nursing moms out there is that you CAN diet and still provide perfect nourishment for your little peanut. Weight Watchers has been a complete success for me both times I have been on the plan and this time, I got an extra 10 points a day just because I am nursing. I haven't seen a difference in my milk supply and even though it is hard to resist some of the foods I love, I never feel hungry. In fact, some days I have a few extra points left over that I force myself to use up because of nursing. How many other Weight Watchers can say they force themselves to use points? I know I didn't have a single point to spare each day when I was on it the first time. But when you are nursing and get so many extra a don't really feel like you are dieting at all!!! Well...other than the fact that I have to eat fresh strawberries instead of strawberry cheesecake :-)

But seriously, I am SO GLAD I decided to diet while nursing, instead of waiting until I was done (like with Addie). I am eating so much healthier and I know that Blake is getting all the benefits of that. Plus, I feel so great being able to slip into my old jeans again :-) I wish I could be one of those girls that just has a baby and the weight falls off without any assistance. I know several people like this. Hell...they came home from the hospital in prepregnancy jeans for crying out loud!! I, on the other hand, needed to take control of the situation and I think all the hard work is paying off. It is making me much more conscious of the things I eat, which will help when I am done dieting and strictly trying to maintain. final word on this matter is that if you are a nursing mommy looking to shed those extra baby pounds but don't want to sacrifice your baby's nutrition, head on over to Weight Watchers online and check it out. They make everything super convenient and they even have a handy app for your phone that will help you keep track of points on the go :-)

Now, since the weather is finally looking more like Spring, I like to daydream about the evenings when Eric and I can put the kids to bed and then sit on the patio and sip some drinks. Eric sticks to his beer, but I like to sip something more fun. Wine is always great, but in the summer, I like something fruity from time to time. I found this great low-cal drink recipe in Fitness Magazine and I can't wait to try it.

Sangria Sparkler

Prep: 10 minutes
Chill: 2 hours
Makes: 12 servings

750-milliliter bottle dry red wine
1 cup light orange juice
1/4 cup brandy or cognac
1/4 cup orange liqueur
2 tablespoons sugar
2 medium oranges, sliced
2 cups club soda, chilled
Crushed ice and/or orange peel curls (optional)

1. In a large pitcher, combine wine, orange juice, brandy, orange liqueur, sugar, and orange slices. Chill at least 2 hours. Add club soda before serving. Serve over crushed ice and/or with orange peel curls, if desired.

Nutrition Information per serving: 100 calories, 0g protein, 9g carbohydrate, 0g fat (0g saturated), 0g fiber

Doesn't that just scream summer? Yummy!!!!! Do any of you have a great low-cal cocktail recipe that you have tried? Or maybe even a non-alcoholic one (you know...especially for the nursing and preggo mommies out there)?

Weekly Weigh-In: 142.5 pounds

Total Pounds Lost: 11.5!!!

Goal Weight: 140 pounds. Almost there!

** I also wanted to link up to my darling friend Bre's blog because she always posts about some fabulous recipes and I know we are ALL looking for new ideas in the kitchen. Plus, she is super cute and I love reading about her life :-)**


  1. Aw, thanks so much Jen =) CONGRATS on your weight loss, you are doing amazing!! I am totally going to keep weight watchers in mind when I have a little one, because I know the weight will NOT just fall off me! Thanks for the recommendation =)

    & that drink looks SO yummy! and only 100 calories?! Love it!

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  3. Yeah Jen. I'm not a nursing Mom (THANK GOD!!!!!) but I love WW. I was on it to get ready for last summer and it was awesome. Back on it again to get a few pounds off that snuck up over the winter. Love it! Best diet in the world!!!


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