Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: Hello Pre-Pregnancy Jeans!!!

To start this Weigh-In Wednesday on a positive note, let me just say that since starting Weight Watchers 7 weeks ago, I have lost a total of 10 pounds!!!! And the best part...I can now zip ALL OF MY PREPREGNANCY JEANS!!! Woohoo!!!!! Now don't go hating me just yet. Some of these jeans only zip because I am laying down. Others only zip first thing in the morning. And finally, others only zip because they are low rise and my gut can hang over the front. But nonetheless...I can zip them ALL!!!! I just can't tell you how fantastic this feels to be so close to my goal. I am confident that after I lose these last 4 pounds (and do some serious toning) I will be able to wear all of my jeans comfortably again...even the "skinny" ones :-)

And speaking of toning, I've decided it is time to be realistic about my workout goals. I really, REALLY wish I could be one of those people that loves to work out. I really wish I could find enjoyment going to the gym. But I just don't. I hate working out. H.A.T.E. But I know there is absolutely no way around it when it comes to toning and truly getting in shape. The only good news is that the weather is starting to warm up which means I can get back to taking my daily walks with the kids. Walking is actually enjoyable for me and I know it is a good exercise, especially when I come home and can feel the burning in my butt and legs (two of my other problem areas).

I know that I will have to continue my at-home pilates to sculpt my tummy and arms, but I am hoping that all the extra walking will really help with all the junk in my trunk. help move that process along a little quicker, I was thinking about purchasing the new Sketchers Shape-Ups...

Does anyone own a pair of these? My SIL has a pair and she says she can definitely feel a difference when she walks. I have read quite a few reviews online, but like everything else, there are a mix of good and bad. So that is why I am asking all of you for your help. I would love to know if you are seeing any results from wearing these and if you think they are worth the money.

Well that's it for this installment of Weigh-In Wednesday! I don't have a great recipe to share but I will tell you about my new favorite snack...Special K Fruit Crisps. Try them...they are DELICIOUS!!!

Weekly Weigh-In: 144 pounds
Total pounds lost: 10!!!!!!!!!
Goal Weight: 140 pounds


  1. that is AWESOME!! GO YOU!!

    And I am so with you on going to the gym, I hate that place!! I probably should cancel my membership but I love walking my dog! (I day dream about walking my dog and future babies!)

  2. Let me know what size shoe you wear. I just did a promotion for Sketchers tone ups, similar to shape ups. I have extra shoes here I could send you.

  3. I work in the footwear industry and I would recommend Reebok EasyTones. They look much more like a regualr shoe and they are only $99 and they have more science behind them.

  4. Congrats!! That's awesome!! I've been thinking about getting some of those shoes too. You'll have to let me know if they work! & Special K Fruit Crisps... I'm a recent addict. WHY did they not invent those sooner?!?

  5. Woohoo! So great! And, yes, I'm totally jealous :)

  6. Way to go girl!!! I'm not sure about the Sketchers... I'm going to have to check out the Special K :)


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