Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: Not My Best Week

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I didn't lose any weight this week. For one thing, I didn't exercise once. Well, unless you count the bouncy house :-) And I am sure it didn't help that I had 250 Weight Watchers Points sitting on my counter this weekend...

But hey...everyone needs a cheat week now and then right? But not seeing that scale go down this morning was a bit frustrating so I need to kick it into gear again this week. I think half my problem is that I am bored with the healthy snacks I have been eating throughout the day. I am a snacker. I like to just snack on small things throughout the day because honestly...that is all I seem to have time for with the kids. I don't have time to whip up healthy lunches, snacks and meals with two kiddies hanging on me so convenience is really key. But the problem is, I tend to grab for the same things over and over again because they are low-cal (or rather low-points). So instead of sharing a recipe this week, I was hoping to get some food ideas from all of you! What are some easy, convenient snacks that you enjoy eating? Here are a few of my favorites:

* Sugar Free Jello chocolate pudding with a dollup of Sugar Free Whip Cream
* Salsa and baked tortilla chips
* Fiber One Chocolate & Oat Bars
* Special K Fruit Crisps
* Yoplait Light Yogurt (I like the thick and creamy ones...feels like more of a treat :-)
* Raw veggies with fat free ranch dressing

You see...BORING! Don't get me wrong, these are all yummy but they are played out for me. So...any suggestions?

Weekly Weigh-In: 146.5 pounds
Total pounds lost: 7.5 pounds...still.
Goal Weight: 140 pounds


  1. Yummy cupcakes. Everyone does need a cheat week!

  2. Those cupcakes look so good, I can't blame you for trying out the samples first! I put fresh fruit on the counter in a pretty little bowl. That way, I grab the fresh fruit before I grab the snackie type food. Also if you buy snacks (like my newest fav - white popcorn!), you can put them in baggies and that way you have portion size for points. I often label the bags with the points too. It is work on an afternoon but it can last a full week.

  3. 1 Pita bread and 2 oz hummus. Only 3 points and usually have enough hummus to have a few carrots with it too.
    Pop chips 1 oz is 3 points and you get quites a bit for that since they are light. Just measure out b/c you will overeat them - they are good.

  4. I like the Laughing Cow cheese wedges with a serving of wheat thins or a WW english muffin. I also love the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches! It's also easy to put a serving of grapes in a ziploc bag to snack on during the day!

  5. Thanks ladies!! These are all awesome ideas :-)
    Angela - I am totally addicted to Skinny Cow icecream treats. They are the best!

  6. Thanks for the ideas! My snacks consist of...
    100 cal packs (yes, I could make my own but let's be honest-I have a hard time making it to the store for fruit/veggies/milk once a week! Ahhh!)
    String Cheese
    Slices of cheddar & Melba Toasts
    Deli Turkey or Ham dipped in mustard
    Clementines (so easy to stash a few in your purse too!)
    Frozen grapes
    Frozen yogurts (actual yoplait cups not the ice cream kind of frozen yogurt!)

    Now, these aren't bad... if id actually stick to them! ;)

  7. I don't know if there's one near you but I get a lot of snacks at trader joe's. They have a lot of freeze dried fruit and things that are great when you're on the go.

  8. Those cupcakes look incredible! :) You deserve a cheat week! :)

  9. Look up Jorge Cruise. His diet really makes alot of sense. I started taking out alot of sugar out of my diet and I gained back alot of energy! Which helps me alot especially since I'm only 17! I love it, and it ispires me to stay on track:] :]

  10. Yummy, those cupcakes look delish!

    I love the white chedder rice cakes. Sometimes, I'll put turkey and cheese on it for lunch. They are good!


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