Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Household Appliances You Probably Don't Need, But Should Totally Buy

I have a confession to make. Over the past few weeks, I have convinced several of my friends to purchase things they probably don't need. But in my defense, I have only recommended things that I know are worth the money because I use them on a regular basis. Plus, I believe that any appliance that truly makes my life easier is worth recommending. So here you go...my Top 5 Household Appliance recommendations.

Just this past week, I convinced my non-coffee-drinking friend to purchase a...

I "forced" her to indulge in a cup of my favorite coffee pod flavor (Island Coconut by Green Mountain) at our playdate last week and I am pretty sure she purchased this machine today. I know the price tag turns some people off, but if you live in a house where you are the only coffee drinker, it is the PERFECT appliance for you. No more wasting pots of coffee because you can't finish it all yourself. Now you can brew a fresh cup whenever you want one! And the best part is they make coffee pods in TONS of flavors which means you can make your own "fancy" coffees at home. My favorite flavors, other than Island Coconut, are Caribou Coffee's Morning Blend, Green Mountain's Pumpkin Spice and Gloria Jean's Mudslide. YUM!!! And if all that hasn't sold you on one of these babies, let me just say that you can brew a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute. So when you wake up after a night of say...oh I don't know...2 hours of sleep...you can have your energy boost in under a minute flat. SOLD!!

Another friend of mine was on the hunt for a new vacuum this past week and when I suggested a Dyson, she said "Wow...those are kind of pricey." And you know what...she is right. Dyson's aren't cheap. BUT...they are soooooooooo worth it!! I have the..

Dyson Ball All Floors

When I told Eric I wanted to spend $350 on a new vacuum, he looked at me like I was on crack. I guess it was hard for him to understand why I would ever want to replace our 80 pound Hoover that smelled like burning every time I used it. But when "the moose" finally took an unfortunate tumble down the basement stairs...he agreed it was time for a new one :-) Enter my beautiful Dyson. This baby is SO SWEET!!! Since I am a stay-at-home-mom now, I sort of look at it as my "tool of the trade". Eric claims he needs nice tools and work boots because they are for "work". Well...this is MY tool for work! And that was the explanation I gave my other SAHM friend who needed a reason to buy one. She is happily vacuuming her floors as we speak :-)

This next appliance isn't necessarily something I need to have, but I love it and use it all the time. It's my...

When our friend Joe asked what I wanted for Christmas a few years ago, I told him I wanted a "sweet waffle maker". And boy..did he deliver! I would say I make waffles at least twice a week in our house. Addie LOVES them and it is the one breakfast I can always get her to eat. Eric and I also have brunch quite often at our house and it is always great to have this on hand. I mean cause really...who doesn't like waffles? One of my readers actually e-mailed me the other day (when I posted pictures of our Easter breakfast) asking what type of waffle maker I own and since I spent a paragraph of that e-mail raving about it...I thought I would add it to my list :-)

Talk about making your life easy, this next appliance is seriously a MUST HAVE if you hate ironing like I do. This is the...

I saw this handheld steamer in an issue of my BFF's magazine (that would be Martha Stewart) and I just had to go to HSN and check them out. I ended up ordering one for myself and the travel size for my SIL. I know the big industrial steamers do a much more professional job, but if you don't dress up often or have the need for perfectly pressed clothes, but still want to be wrinkle free when you run to Target...you have to get this little steamer. It produces steam in under 2 minutes which is great when you are pressed for time. It also comes with a handy little carry case so you can take it with you when you travel. I use this little beauty at least twice a week and I love it.

And finally, the BEST $150 I ever spent. My workhorse...

Okay, before you go freaking out over the fact that I spent $150 on a flat iron, let me just tell you that my first CHI iron lasted 9 YEARS!!!! Yes...9 years. I bought my CHI iron in 2001 when my college BF Mandy swore that it was the best flat iron in the world. She let me use hers a few times and I was hooked. So I spent almost a months worth of grocery money (remember I was a broke college student at the time) on a hair straightener. But if I would have known then that my little CHI would last until 2010, I would have made everyone I know buy one! I finally just laid this poor guy to rest last week when it fell off my bathroom counter and broke. So really, it could have lasted longer than 9 years because it was still working before I broke it. I just got my new one in the mail last week (for $58 by the way) and it works just as great as the first. I hope this one has another 10 years in her :-)

So...you made it through my random household appliance post! Woohoo! I know this might seem like a silly thing to post about, but I am sure all of us have some household items or appliances we can't live without. What's on your top 5 list? I would love to know what you think I need to have :-)


  1. I think my favorite part of this entire post is when you used the phrase "smelled like burning." Absolutely classic!

  2. Jenn - Haha! The first time I heard Ralph say that on The Simpsons, I knew it was a phrase I would never get sick of.

  3. Jen, I have 3 of your 5 items! Except I have the bigger Dyson and Brandon flipped a shit when I spent almost 500 (w/tax) on it! Its A*M*A*Z*I*N*G! Plus, I've had it for over 3 yrs and it has had no problems, still has as much suction as the day I bought it and when I suck up random things (mostly underwear or socks) it comes apart in three places! No brainer! Who wants to buy a 100 dollar vacuum every other yr anyway??? ;)

    My waffle maker lives @ the family biz unless I plan to use it!

    I have super fine straight hair but I still use my flat iron every day. Thankfully one of my BFFs is a licensed cosmetologist so I get hair stuff super inexpensively! Thank god because I DO NOT do well without my Pureology Nanoworks! Hair and body wash are two things I'm very high maint. about! Philosophy bodywash... yum!

    I've seen the coffee maker on QVC plenty of times but we have a really nice coffee maker that we just got for our wedding... maybe in a few years! :) I love your random list, PS!

  4. So so so true. Worth the splurge! :)

  5. ooh, fun!! i adore my waffle maker. granted, it is nowhere near as sweet as yours, but it does the job!

    one thing i love is my whirlpool fabric freshener. its like a mini dry cleaner. you just put water in and zip it up and in about 20 minutes, no smells, no wrinkles. whohoo!

  6. I think everyone NEEDS a dyson ball, it is amazing!!!

  7. I LOVE my Keurig coffee maker but I can't find refills anywhere! Where do you get yours? My favorite is the caribou coffee morning blend also, but I haven't been able to find it since I rand out! We also have that same waffle maker and it is wonderful!

  8. Ooh I want all of those things! Especially the coffee maker!

  9. Oh Jen, this is why we have been friends for so long. I have the coffee maker, the waffle iron, and the Chi. Love them ALL.I really want a Dyson, but can't quite get Jeff on board yet. I believe the steamer is in my near future. I HATE to iron... I mean HATE.

    Have you been to Gloria Jeans for the coffee refills? The tea they have there is also AMAZING.

  10. Yeah, I'll tell you I have a dyson and agree with you. And on an expensive flat iron - mine cost more than my chi... And I want one of the coffee thingies. You're so right and I was afraid to read and whaddaya know I have most of them! LOL

  11. this is fun!

    I am putting the Keurig coffee maker on my list, you can get the little basic one for about $90 I think. We don't drink coffee that much and having some of the "fancy" flavors would be nice.

    The mini steamer seems like a great idea...I hate ironing...I actually have TWO but have never used either of them. haha

  12. I have 2 of those 5 things...hence, why we would be friends IRL! I love, love, love my coffee maker and flat iron. If we didn't have a built in vaccuum system that rocked and I liked waffles and I wore something other than sweats to work, we would match on 5 out of 5 and be BFF's forever! haha

  13. This was such a fun post Jen! We got a Dyson at our wedding shower and I absolutely LOVE it! It does such a good job... ESPECIALLY for pet hair! ;-)

    Our office has a Keurig at work and my parents have one too... super fun, love using it when I go home!

    I'm thinking I just might have to try the waffle maker... that sounds like a great idea, YUM! =)


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