Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Beautiful Day for a Baptism

Today was our baby boy's baptism and I think it is safe to say that Blake was more than excited to be the man of the hour...

Addie was equally excited, but only because she got to wear her cute new tutu dress...

It was a BEAUTIFUL spring day today and I am so happy the weather cooperated because Blake's Godmother (my BFF Tara) had to drive 2.5 hours to be here. It was so wonderful getting to celebrate this day with her, and Blake's Godfather (my brother Adam). Thank you both soooooo much for being there for our little guy on his special day...

Eric and I appreciate it more than you know...

And since my brother Adam comes as sort of a package deal with my sister-in-law Diana, we asked her to stand up for Blake as well. Thanks so much for being there Auntie Di! It meant so much to us...

And to all of our family and friends that were there to celebrate Blake's baptism...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

And finally, to my Grandma, who always reminds me to be thankful of God's blessings, thank you for bringing me to your church...

And introducing me to Pastor Hess, who will always play a special role in our family's life.

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday! I know we did :-)


  1. he looks adorable & in that first picture he looks JUST like eric!!

  2. I love all the pictures! You look so pretty!

    Glad you all had a great day!

  3. It looks like you guys had a good day! Blake is getting so big! Cuuuute Tutu dress, Miss Addie!!! :)

  4. Blake looks exactly like Eric! How cute! :) & Addie is getting SO big! Seriously these last few weeks of pictures have shown a huge change in her! :) She's becoming a little girl!!

  5. Aww! Congratulations, what a special and memorable day for all of you!! Blake looks so handsome =)


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