Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Great Way to Celebrate Earth Day

You know the old expression, "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" Well...I am pretty sure that is the slogan for all garage sales across the U.S. I use to love garage sales as a child because my mom would give my brothers and I each a dollar and we would come home with like 20 new toys between the three of us. And then the following year, when we were totally sick of them, we would sell them back to the neighborhood kids for the same price. So you see...we were already reusing and recycling before we even understood how important it was!

In fact, I am in the process of a "Reuse It Sale" of my own this weekend and I thought wow...what better way to celebrate Earth Day?!!! See all these treasures...

They could very well end up in a landfill if it weren't for bargain hunters of all ages looking for a good deal. In fact, many of the items in our sale are from my Great Aunt's condo and when my Grandma suggested just throwing everything away, I thought NO!!! We need to have a garage sale. I'm sorry...I mean Reuse It Sale :-) Just think...that simple suggestion may have saved the local landfill from one more ceramic kitten and straw hat floral arrangement!! Woohoo!

So, if you live in my area and know where I sure to stop by this weekend and check out all of our treasures. I promise it isn't all old lady condo stuff. There are actually some great finds in there too. The neighbors might think that my mom and I are part of a counterfeit purse ring with all the bags we have (don't worry...there is no Coach in there. I save those for my blog sales :-) but I assure you we are not. We are just purse whores :-)

All right friends...I am off to tag some more items. I hope you are all celebrating Earth Day in a special way! And if you would like to find out more ways to reuse, be sure to check out's list of Top 10 Ways to Cut Down on Disposables. They are also giving away a FABULOUS free gift with purchase today so order your reusable items now! Happy Earth Day!

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