Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Some Really Cute Pics of the Kids

Since Addie wasn't the most cooperative little peanut for her 2 Year pictures with Uncle Ryan, I decided to use a giftcard and take the kids to the mall for a second try. Plus, now that Blake is 3 months, I wanted to get a few pics of him too.

I was a little nervous driving to the mall today because I really, REALLY didn't have the energy to chase Addie all over the picture studio begging her to pose or smile. But to my surprise, both kids did FANTASTIC!!!! Just look at all the great pics we got...

This is Addie doing her imitation of me when I am talking sternly to her (notice the arms crossed in front. Ha!)

Aww...and here is my smiley little man...

This boy just looooooves the camera! I hope it stays that way :-)

Like I have said many times before, Addie is in love with Blake so convincing her to kiss him for a picture was easy peasy...

Couldn't you just eat them up?!!

And since the kids were being so good, my mom and I came prepared with matching outfits and jumped in a few pictures. This one is my FAVORITE!!

Aww...Nana and her grandbabies.

After all the picture taking, the kids were pooped and so was mama and nana. But now that naps are over, Addie is ready to head back outside and enjoy this GORGEOUS weather we are having. I will be back on Sunday with some Easter pics but until then, have a happy holiday weekend friends!!!


  1. Addie is getting SO big! She definitely looks like such a big little girl now! *tear* I can't believe I've watched her grow from being so tiny all the way over here in Washington! I'm getting a little emotional over here... ;)

  2. What awesome pictures! I love the first one of all four of you! You are all smiling so beautifully!

    Have a wonderful Easter with your kiddos!

  3. Beautiful pics Jen! I love the one of Addie embracing the 2 and Blake looks so handsome and smiley in all of the shots. The ones of the two of them together are my favorites though, because it is just so sweet to see a big sis love her little bro so much. I guess Addie gets that from her Momma as well! Speaking of genes, you and your Mom look fabulous. Enjoy your Easter!

  4. These are great pictures Jen! Love them!

  5. the photos are so beautiful.....!!!

  6. Great picture!! That is so great that and your Mom got in on the fun as well.

  7. Those pics are beautiful!! Love the "2" Addie is holding.

  8. Oh my goodness Jen, these pictures are ADORABLE!!! They did such a great job....I love the pictures of them together! Addie & Blake are beautiful!!!


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