Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving Up in the World

There are lots of changes going on in the Davis household this week and I can already see a lot more on the horizon. For one thing, Addie is VERY close to being potty trained (we just have to get her over the naptime and bedtime hurdles). And speaking of hurdles, I thought it would be a looong time before Addie figured out how to climb out of her crib (since she had never really tried before) but when I watched her scale the railing to get into the crib today to grab her baby, I realized that we are not far off from a big girl bed.

So now that Addie is officially becoming a big girl, she has decided that she no longer wants to sit in her highchair because they are for "babies" (which is actually a good thing because Blake is going to need it in just a few short weeks when we start cereal :-) And while I do let Addie eat at her little table sometimes, I prefer all of us to eat dinner together at the big table. But what do you do when your toddler won't sit in the highchair and they are still too short to sit in a big chair? The answer...booster seat time!!!

I really hated having to research yet another baby/kid item, but I am really glad I did because just like everything else, there are a million booster seats on the market. Some with good reviews, and some with great reviews. I did a lot of my research at the CSNstores, since you can literally find everything from pots and pans to baby cribs, and I ended up coming across an AWESOME booster seat. Its called the Mutsy Grow Up Booster Seat.

It got excellent reviews on Baby Cribs Plus and the best news is that the folks over at CSNstores are going to hook me up with one so I can give it my own review!!!! I will post about it as soon as Addie gets to give it a test run. If you are in the market for a booster seat as well, you need to check out their site. And if you like the looks of this one, it comes in several fun colors. I chose Apple Green. Adorable!!!

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