Thursday, April 8, 2010

Potty Progress

I am happy to report tonight that after 2 days of potty bootcamp, Addie is doing fantastic!!! I know it will be quite some time before we can use the words "potty trained", but she is definitely getting the hang of it.

Yesterday, Nana Mueller decided she would put Addie in big girl undies while she watched her in the morning. 3 hours and 4 successful bathroom breaks later, Addie was still dry and running around the house excited. When I got home, I was sure the mood would change like last time. But to my surprise, Addie went potty for me too! And for Daddy when he got home! She went a whole day with only one accident. I was so proud of my little peanut, but I was also a little worried that she would be over the excitement today.

When she first woke up this morning, she was a little reluctant to take her diaper off. I am assuming its because for the past few weeks, I have repeatedly yelled at her for taking it off. Ha ha! But once she put on a new pair of big girl undies, she was back in the saddle. In fact, she even came to me twice today and told me she had to go, instead of waiting for me to ask her. She wasn't really motivated by the whole jelly bean reward system, so we tried something new: Sponge Bob stickers! I even made her a little chart today...

See all those stickers? Those represent all the successful potty breaks we had yesterday and today. Whenever she gets to a heart, she gets an extra special treat. Today it was a pudding with whip cream :-) I also have a little package of fresh new play dough that she will get tomorrow if she makes it to the heart. Fingers crossed!!!


  1. Good job Addie! Wow...isn't it hard to think that she's already potty training?? Sometimes Evan was say "poo poo" just before he goes but then again he says it when he just tooted too! haha!

    Cute potty chart too!

  2. ..She's doing well! yayyy! :o)
    I like that's easy enough for them to understand why and how you're rewarding them! I will have to do something like that to get my little one going!
    My oldest pretty much trained herself and was completely potty trained by 22 19 month old wants NOTHING to do with the toilet! We're in for a long haul...:/

  3. That's so great!!! I'm sure life will be so much easier with only one in diapers.

  4. Sweeeet! I do NOT like potty training and that's all I have to say about that.

  5. If the stickers dont work - remember, there is always cash. It works for some. ;)


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