Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q&A Part I: How Many Babies and My Pre-Mommy Lifestyle

Wow ladies...you all asked some really fun questions! And since I am not a short answer kind of girl, I decided I better dedicate a post to each questioner separately. This gives me lots of good material ladies...so thanks!

Tonight...I decided to start with my bloggy friend Heather's questions because I am able to answer one of them with absolute clarity after the day I had today. So let's get started shall we? Here is what Heather wrote:

Do you want a third baby someday?

I have actually deleted the answer to this question about 6 times because I want to find the right words to explain my answer. In short...I do not think Eric and I will try for a third baby. BUT...that does not mean I don't want a third baby. I think no matter how many children I have, I will always want another. As hard as the baby stage is, you magically forget about all of the crying fits and sleepless nights when you see a cute pregnant chic or hold a newborn. That's how it is for me anyway :-) I loved being pregnant and I love being a mother. I could never not want another baby.

But at the same time, I do feel like my family is complete. I look at Blake and Addison and think wow...I am one of the luckiest mamas in the world!!! I have two beautiful, healthy children. And there is something to be said about having a boy and a girl. I am sure if Blake would have turned out to be another girl...Eric and I would be whistling a different tune right now :) In the end, only God knows how many children Eric and I will have. Surprises seem to run in both our families so you can never really say never. But as for right now, I think 2 is our magic number :-)

What is one thing you miss about your pre-mom lifestyle?

This one is simple...time. Even though I worked full-time, taught a night class, commuted 2.5 hours a day and had a full calendar of get togethers with friends and family...I still never felt as busy as I do as a mom. Maybe it's because your job as a parent doesn't just run from 9-5. Your job as a parent is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no sick days or vacation days. It takes you weeks to plan ahead for a doctors appointment and even when you schedule it, odds are you will forget to write it down on your calendar and miss it anyway (not that I have ever done that of course :-) And because your mind is always running a mile a minute, you have a hard time keeping things straight. You miss appointments, you tell people you will call them right back and then forget about them for days (sorry Marie :-), you leave the house without showering or changing out of your comfy pants because the thought literally doesn't cross your mind, you leave your wallet in the shopping cart at the grocery store (yes...that happened today but luckily a sweet old lady turned it in), etc. Even with my hectic pre-mommy schedule, I always felt like I had at least some time to myself each day to regroup, look at my calendar, run errands, put my wallet back in my purse, etc. Once you have kids...you just sort of become this hot mess that is always running around looking for something with a SpongeBob SquarePants sticker stuck to your ass. But...it's the price you pay to become a mommy and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world :-)

What's your favorite restaurant?

Well, when I do get the chance to go out to eat, I ALWAYS suggest the same place...The Cheesecake Factory. I know it is a chain restaurant and it isn't that creative. But I absolutely love their Bistro Shrimp Pasta and can't find anything like it anywhere else, and I am a big dessert person so topping off a dinner with a slice of Banana Cream Cheesecake is pretty much my idea of heaven :-)

Well thanks for the fun questions Heather!!! I have a LOT more fabulous questions to answer so I will be back tomorrow with Part II :-) Have a great night everyone!


  1. Ahhh Cheesecake Factory. Our only one is downtown Seattle and is always crazy busy... but it is good. A million things on the menu makes it a hit for the whole family! :)

    I love the sponge bob sticker reference... LOL! Hot mess! :)

  2. Yeah a whole post just for mine :-)

    I LOVE the cheesecake Factory!!! YUM!!!

  3. We are on the exact same page as far as kids. I am very happy with the 2 I have been blessed with and still think about what another one would be like, but don't think we will be going there.

    I like the Cheesecake Factory too!

  4. Let's just say we thought we were done with 3...SURPRISE!!! :) And she's been the best surprise ever!

  5. How did I miss the questions??

    Love your baby answer. I, too, could never imagine not wanting another baby, but my crazy self just can't handle a ton!

    Love the Cheesecake Factory! Especially the little plate they bring for the kiddos. Awesome!


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