Monday, April 26, 2010

What Do You Want to Know About Me?

Okay okay...I know my blog has been full of review posts, eco-friendly posts, weight loss posts, and other posts that many people don't seem too interested in (hence my dwindling comments). I am not giving up on my Eco-Friendly Fridays because I really think you will all enjoy some of the great posts I have coming up. BUT...I think it is time to get back on track. This blog is first and foremost about my family. My kiddies are my pride and joy and I just LOVE talking about them. But I realize that while all of you know so much about Addie and may not know too much about me. know I love clothes, Origins face wash, Tori & Dean, reading celebrity gossip magazines, Twilight, and all the other random things I post about. there anything else you want to know about me? Any questions you want to ask? Don't be afraid to get personal if you want. I have never held back anything on here before :-) I would love to have some fun material to post about this week (in addition to pics of my babies :-) so ask away friends!


  1. Do you like music? What kind? Are you the type of person that music can completely change your mood or you could care less to hear it ever? What is your favorite song from the past and your favorite song now?

    I'm a music person. If you couldn't tell from my extra detailed music question... LOL!

  2. What is your favorite vacation spot Jen, and why? Also, besides Disney what is one place you feel Blake and Addie have to see/visit in their lifetimes?

  3. Do you want a third baby someday??

    What is one thing you miss pre mom lifestyle?

    What's your fave restaurant?

  4. Where do you get your kids pictures taken (like the ones with your mom and yourself and the kids)

    WHEN are you cleaning out that Coach closet of yours again?!?!

    Are you going to go back to work at somepoint? If you are when, and to what?

    What books would you recommend to a newly pregnant first time mom?

    What kind of camera does your brother use?

    What kind of camera do you use?

    Do you have memberships anywhere? Where do you like to take your kids?


    Miss you friend.

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  6. I would love to hear anything and everything about being a SAHM, the transition from working full time to becoming a SAHM, tips, secrets, budgeting/coupon suggestions, etc on how to make it work so that you you can become a SAHM, your favorite thing about being a SAHM, the most challenging thing about being a SAHM....etc etc! I think this could be a very fun and interactive post!

  7. I want to know exactly how cool you think your friend Linsey is - on a scale of 1 to 10

  8. Oh, another one... what is your favorite wine? And favorite sweet treat? Brownies, sugar cookies, lemon bars???

    All of them sound good to me right now!

    BTW, what face wash did you end up going with?

  9. I just found your blog and I can't wait to read more. :) What are your top five favorite blogs to follow?

  10. Hi Jen!
    I would like to know your all time favorite that you just couldn't put down! Also what do you like to do to relax either by yourself or with your hubby! Very fun post can't wait to read the answers!!

  11. I like Bre's question about being a SAHM! I'd like to hear all about that too!

  12. If you could have a girls weekend, where would you go, why, and with whom?

    Beer, wine or hard alcohol or none of the above?

    What types of books do you like (if you have time to read!)?

    Do you think you'll ever go back to teaching?


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