Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a Hoppy Easter!

Our Easter morning started out like every other up by 6:30, coffee brewing by 6:35, Addie shouting ELMO!! by 6:37, etc. But today, there was something VERY special waiting for the kiddies when they got up!!!

Addie tore into her basket so fast we didn't even get a picture! Luckily, Blake took his time :-)

While Blake and I were going through his new toys, Addie was on the hunt for her eggs full of jelly beans. I was shocked by how fast she found them all...

And then she stood and emptied the eggs into her basket so that NO one else could get any of her candy. Nothing like a sugar high by 7:00 a.m. :-)

I think it is safe to say that all my kiddies were happy with what the Easter Bunny brought them. Here is Blake cuddling with his Ugly Doll...

And here is Howie loving on his new squeaker duck.

After the family room was thoroughly trashed, and the kids had opened their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa, we headed into the kitchen for some waffles!!!

Even though Addie had a plate of all of her favorites (waffles, strawberries and whip cream), she couldn't stop thinking about her new slide. So off she went to show Papa how she can go down all by herself...

But he stuck close by just in case :-)

After a busy morning, BOTH kids took a 2 1/2 hour nap together. This NEVER happens so it was a nice Easter treat for mommy and daddy :-)

After naps, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan stopped by for a visit...

And Addie showed Uncle Ryan her new bounce house :-)

After they left, it was off to Nana and Papa Davis' house for dinner. And wouldn't you know...the Easter Bunny stopped by their house too!!!

Here I am hanging with the boys. Doesn't Nolan look like a little JCrew ad?

And here is Miss Nia...loving on her cousin...

Dana and I got a pretty good laugh out of this picture because even though we tried really hard to get all 4 kids in the shot, we failed in almost every way. Blake is completely out of the picture (he is behind me in the bouncy seat), Addie was throwing a fit about the toy she is holding, Nolan actually fell over and Nia was facing the wrong way. Oh well...we gave it our best shot. Ha!

The kids really got hooked up with some fun gifts today. I got them these adorable backpacks with their names on them. Nolan is modeling for us...

And Aunt Dana got Addie this precious umbrella (which was perfect for the rainy day we had) and she made both kids a comfy blanket! Addie and Nia were already snuggling up with one :-)

It was another great holiday with our families and I really hope you all had just as much fun as we did :-) Happy Easter friends!!!


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! :) I can't wait to have kids that are old enough to do the fun stuff with!

  2. How fun! I think Blake and Evan may have the same Easter basket!

  3. Adorable! Looks like everyone had a wonderful day!

    I think we are still coming down from our sugar high. :)

  4. So cute!! I love Addies bouncy house static. :)

    So glad you got a nap in! :)


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