Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blake's New Buddy

Happy Sunday everyone!! I would just like to introduce you all to Blake's newest buddy...

Jacob Jeffery Hartley

Our good friends Barb and Jeff just gave birth to their second baby on Friday. This little peanut was 4 weeks early and still weighed almost 7 pounds!! I think Barb is thanking her lucky stars that she didn't make it full term because this little guy could have been every bit of 10 pounds by then!

I just had the chance to meet the little guy in person and he is just PRECIOUS!! Remember how I said that seeing newborns would probably give my baby fever? probably about it. Newborns will give me baby fever until the day I die :-)

Congrats again Barb, Jeff and big sister Megan!!!! Enjoy your first day home with your precious little man :-)


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