Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Readers...Are They Really Worth It?

For the past few months, I have been eyeing up the Barnes and Noble book reader called the Nook...

There are countless book readers available these days, but it seems like the Nook and the Kindle get the best reviews. The Nook actually beat out the Kindle in several comparison tests. I haven't had the opportunity to play with either one in person, but I am a sucker for reading lots and lots of reviews.

Anyway, the price tag on this beauty is $250. I have never seen it go on sale, nor do I expect it too. And that price is just for the reader. That doesn't include the price of all the books I would want/need to get started using it. This of course doesn't take away from its "cool factor". I am a tech junkie (thanks to my mom) and I am always such a sucker for these new gadgets. I spent the better part of 2 years contemplating whether or not I should get an iPhone and now that I have one, I don't know if I could ever live without it :-)

So the real question here is...could I live without a book reader? I know there is an iPhone app book reader as well, which is another option. Its just that the phone is sort of small and I am not sure I could sit and read a whole book on it. But then again, finding time to read a book in general now is a little tough, regardless of how I am reading it. But there is something so awesome about the fact that you can decide to buy a book, purchase and download it in under a minute, and then get started reading. And even though I love the smell and feel of a real book, I am sort of running out of room in my office for them. Someday, I would love to have a library in my house but lets get serious....that day is probably not going to come any time soon...if ever. So what is the point of collecting all those books to store in your house? This seems so much more convenient to me.

Anyway, I am not by any means rushing out to buy this thing. But I am constantly trying to think of fun things I might like down the for a birthday perhaps...and I just wanted to get other opinions. Do any of you own a book reader? Lynne...I KNOW you have to have one so you better comment :-) For those of you who do have one, do you think it was worth the money? For those of you who are lusting after one like I am, what is stopping you from buying it? Any insight would be much appreciated :-)


  1. I'm still thinking about one as well. I just watched another review on TV the other day that preferred the Kindle over the Nook because the Nook has a very small search section on the bottom whereas the Kindle is the whole screen. I know that Lynne and Diane both have Kindles!! I think it's the same price as the Nook. I have no more room to store books either.

  2. there is software that allows you to download the kindle to your blackberry, iphone, pc, or mac for free! I did it for my blackberry and now read books off of my phone. Just go to amazon and look up kindle for bb or kindle for iphone.

  3. I have no idea if they are really worth it....I have heard from a friend that the screen on the Kindle has ink in it and he bent down to tie his shoe and it slipped out of the case and hit the ground and the inside of the screen broke and he can no longer use it sounds like they are super fragile!

    I think I would really miss reading an actual book if I got one! But they sure are neat!

  4. yes, i have a kindle and i use it every single day. i got it before there was a nook, so there was really nothing to compare it to. i do absolutely love it. i have the iPhone app too, and it will do in a pinch, but i wouldn't take my phone to bed to read. it's just not big enough.
    i have not experienced it being fragile. (knock wood)

    the only problem with having a kindle, an iPhone and a macbook is it's tough to convince your (saner) spouse you need an iPad. :)

  5. The only thing that keeps me from buying one of those is that I'm terrified I'd lose it. They can hold a ton of books and can you imagine paying for all those books, not to mention the device itself and then losing it? That would be terrible. I still feel like I might need one someday though! :)

  6. I would love an ebook reader. The main thing that is stopping me is the price. Especially since these days I can barely find time to read. I love the idea of books not taking up space on my bookcase and having mulitple books in my purse. I'm hoping after a while the price might go down. In the mean time I downloaded a couple ebook reader apps for my blackberry. That will have to tide me over until either they get cheaper or I win the lottery. :) Wanted to say too that I loved your sleep post. I saw that it was featured on the website! Cool!!


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