Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can't Wait Until Tonight? Good...Beause I Have a Grey's Anatomy Spoiler!

So far, I've been fairly disappointed by some of my favorite shows this year. Some of the story lines are getting old and if Bones and Booth don't finally hook up in tonight's season finale...I am never watching the show again. I mean it.

Oh, and my favorite little Friday night show that I use to talk about ALL the time, Ghost Whisperer, was HORRIBLE this year. Which is probably why they cancelled it :-( So long Melinda.

It seems that one of the only shows besides Fringe that has kept my interest this year is Grey's Anatomy. It was off to a rough start...beating up old story lines...but it finally came around and tonight's season finale is going to be CRAZY!!! The hype about the episode on the internet is out of control. ABC has been releasing clip after clip this week and my SIL Diana sent me the BEST spoiler clip yesterday. It's of the first 10 minutes of the episode and is going to be a total cliffhanger. A word of caution to all my friends and not expect to reach me tonight between the hours of 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. :-)

Eric wouldn't watch the spoiler clip with me because he wants to just watch the episode tonight. He has such amazing self control. But...if you are like me...and lack any self control whatsoever when it comes to TV spoilers, then you need to click here and watch the 10 minute clip. You will not be disappointed!

Happy Season Finale Thursday friends :-)


  1. I have been a Greys fan since the beginning and I agree about this year starting slow but I am excited for tonight!!!

  2. Didn't we say last year that if Booth and Bones didn't get together then we were out??! Haha, I'm still watching! But I am interested to see where the season finale takes them because in the last episode, Bones was all like, oh I don't know if I can keep doing this...blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!

  3. I cannot wait to watch it!! I'm a BIG Grey's fan too =) I'm trying so hard to hold off so that I don't know the spoiler, but the previews look so intense!!!

  4. Angela - We totally said we wouldn't watch Bones again and we both did!!! But this time I think I mean it. Seriously. Its been 5 seasons...GET TOGETHER ALREADY!!

  5. I watched the spoiler! I am almost positive that guy is going after Chief =/ yikes!!


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