Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: Green Your Beauty Routine

My love of beauty products is borderline obsessive. I LOVE trying new make-up, lotions, body washes, shampoos, etc., but I am starting to realize just how much waste is accumulating in my daily routine. So if you are like me and looking to "green" your beauty routine, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Make-over your Make-up bag

One of the best ways to "green-up" your make-up bag is to cut down on the number of products you are carrying around. Look for cosmetics that are multi-tasking. For example, this Posie Tint by Benefit is a cheek and lip stain. It eliminates the need for a separate blush and lip gloss...

Also, look for multi-tasking moisturizers. I use Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 because it serves as my daily moisturizer, anti-aging cream and sunscreen all in one!

It's also important not to forget about your beauty tools. Look for ones made of bamboo, since it is a highly sustainable material. EcoTools makes a great set of brushes that are made from bamboo, recycled metal, and cruelty-free synthetic fibers...

2. Shorten your Showers

Did you know that an average shower uses 2.2 gallons of water per minute (according to the Environmental Protection Agency)? It takes me about 5 minutes to shampoo and condition my hair, which means that I use about 11 gallons of water EVERY day just by washing my hair. And I know I am not alone. If I were to shorten my shower by skipping a shampooing every other day, I could save almost 2,000 gallons of water a year!! Just think about the impact we could make if we all did that! And here's a quick tip to help you stretch the time between shampooings. If you are like me and your hair gets greasy quickly, just try some dry shampoo like Jonathan Products Green Routine...

In addition to skipping a shampooing, try shaving your legs at your sink, instead of doing it in the shower while the water is running constantly. This too will save you gallons a day :-)

3. Buy in Bulk

I absolutely love Jergens lotions. I don't know if it's because my mom always slathered me up with their Cherry Almond scent when I was little, or if its because the price tag is usually unbeatable. But either way...I love Jergens. But it always blows my mind how they can charge a $1 for one travel size lotion, when a 16.5 ounce bottle is only around $3?? Crazy isn't it? Just think of all the little travel bottles...and money...that are thrown into landfills every year!!!

And really...this problem is SO easy to solve. The solution? Buy in bulk. Plain and simple. Renew your Sams or Costco membership and get yourself some cardio for the day. Buying in bulk creates a lot less waste and it saves you money. The best part is, you can still carry around travel/purse size tubes of your favorite lotions, creams, sanitizers, etc. if you purchase some reusable containers like these GoToobs...

Reusing containers and refilling them with bulk items works for so many things we use on a daily basis (like hand soap, dish detergent, baby wipes, etc.) Just take a survey of your bathroom before you leave for Costco. I think you will be shocked by how many items come in bulk :-)

4. Ditch the Disposables

When it comes to personal hygiene products...its not just the convenience of disposables that keeps people from cutting down...its also the "gross factor". When someone told me that they make reusable panty liners, I almost threw up in my mouth. Do disposable panty liners and other sanitary products contribute to our landfills? Absolutely. Should people look for alternatives to this problem? Of course. I am all for trying a more expensive pantyliner like those made by Seventh Generation, but I am not on board with the reusable panty liner yet. Sorry. I'm just too grossed out.

But there are other ways to cut down on personal hygiene disposables. For one thing, opt for a razor that has replaceable heads. This will save a ton of waste since you won't be throwing out an entire razor each time yours gets dull. Also, look into a toothbrush with replaceable heads like this one from Eco-Dent...

Some of you might be thinking, "How much impact can replacing only the heads of my toothbrush really make?" Well...just see for yourself...

Amazing right? Just think...if switching only your toothbrush can make this big a difference, imagine the difference you will make if you follow all of the tips listed so far :-)

5. Support the Supporters

If our mission is to save the planet and do everything we can to live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle...then I believe it is important to support the companies that make it their mission to do the same thing. That is why I chose to become a Ambassador, and that is why I shop with companies like Origins.

Origins has made natural, earth friendly products for years and now they are going one step further in their mission to save the planet by offering a new recycling program. You can take all of your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars (regardless of brand) to your local Origins store or counter and they will send it off to their centralized location to be recycled and used for energy recovery. Pretty smart idea huh? MAC cosmetics is also offering a recycling program of sorts. You can bring in empty tubes of lipstick and not only will they recycle those tubes for you...but you can also cash them in for a FREE tube of lipstick! So you see...supporting companies that support the planet will make you...and your wallet...feel really good :-)

So there you have it friends. 5 ways to Green your Beauty Routine. Have I left anything out? Feel free to comment with some of your own green beauty tips or share some eco-friendly products or companies that you love :-) Happy Friday!!


  1. Great post as usual, Jen! Now we all know how you stay so cute. ;)

  2. Great post. I need to do most all of these things from now on!


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