Friday, May 21, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: Reusable Giftwrap & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Besides Christmas, Wedding and Graduation season is probably the busiest time of year for a lot of people. This summer alone we have been invited to 6 graduation parties, a bridal shower and two weddings. That's a lot of gift giving for one summer and when I think about how much I will spend in cards and giftwrap makes me sort of cringe. Even though I LOVE wrapping beautiful gifts, I have been starting to realize what a waste it is to spend so much money on paper, bags, ribbon and bows that end up just getting tossed in the trash! My mom and I actually started recycling gift bags and boxes for each other's gifts a long time ago, and this Christmas, we gave each other baskets filled with little presents, instead of wrapping all of them individually. I feel like this saved us all a lot of money AND we were able to reuse the cute baskets we gave our gifts in. Bonus!

I know one easy solution to this problem is to stop wrapping gifts all together. But really...what fun is that? I know Eric would be fine because he has never wrapped a gift in his life. Ha! But I am all about presentation so I have to give my gifts wrapped in something cute. And when a basket doesn't work, I have decided to try some of the BEAUTIFUL reusable giftwraps that has to offer. Here are some of my favorites.

This beautiful organic 100% cotton giftwrap by Chewing the Cud is perfect for a wedding or shower. I absolutely love the colors...

Chewing the Cud also makes this gorgeous giftwrap, which I am going to purchase for my girlfriend's birthday gift and a baby shower I am attending next month...

Another option for reusable giftwrap is to use an actual reusable bag, like an ACME Workhorse or an Envirosax bag. Both are great options because it is like getting a bonus gift once your package is unwrapped! Obviously, learning to fold and tie reusable giftwrap to look like the presents above will take some instruction. Luckily, my friend Natalie sent over a link to a giftwrap how-to video with lots of great tips, ideas and instructions. I have included the viedo below in case you want to take a look :-)

Now...if you don't have the patience or time to fold and tie your giftwrap like the gifts above, you could invest in some of these adorable reusable gift bags by Wrapsacks. You could literally wrap a gift in two seconds with these things :-)

Wine is one of my favorite gifts to give. It is perfect for weddings, house warming parties, birthdays, holidays, etc. so I am a big fan of the wine bags. So freaking cute. And one of the things I love best about the reusable gift bags is that if you have a really odd shaped item (like most kids toys are), it doesn't matter because the bag will fit any shape and still look cute.

There are a lot of other great ways to cut down on giftwrap waste and one of the biggest ways is to just give a giftcard or good old cash :-) That tends to be the gift of choice for weddings and graduations these days anyway. But since giftcards and/or money is a pretty boring gift to give (in my opinion), you could put the card or money in a LunchSkin or a Bazura Coin Purse to spice it up a bit :-)

Now...if this post has sold you on the idea of reusable giftwrap, then you are in luck because is offering FREE SHIPPING on a $25 or more purchase for new customers this weekend! The code is NEWCUST25 and it is good through 5/23.

AND...are you ready for the best part? The folks over at ReusableBags are going to let me give away one piece of Chewing the Cud giftwrap!!! The winner will get to select the color or style they want so be sure to check out all of their items here. Here's how to enter...

1.) Leave a comment on this post and tell me one way you like to reuse when it comes to wrapping gifts. Do you reuse paper? Or reuse ribbon? Do you recycle old gift bags and regift them? I would love to read all your creative ideas.

2.) Earn an additional entry by signing up for the newsletter. You can do that here. Be sure to post an additional comment letting me know you signed up.

3.) Earn an additional entry by blogging about this giveaway. Just be sure to include the link to your post in your comment.

And that's all you have to do! You have until Monday night (5/24) to enter and I will post the winner's name on Tuesday morning. Good luck everyone and Happy Friday!!


  1. I try to recycle by using cloth to wrap gifts. I don't have a lot of bags but just reuse the same bags when it's for family. :) A couple Christmases ago my church was selling reusable cloth gift bags. I bought one and then realized how simple it would be to sew my own. So I went after christmas and bought a bunch of holiday fabric on sale. I also got clearance fabric to make bags for other occasions as well. So far I only made 1 bag myself. I haven't sewed in a while but hope to get more completed by the time next Christmas comes around.

  2. I used an inexpensive but beautiful mirrored, embroidered drawstring bag (could be a small evening bag) for a small gift. My giftwrap supplies include colorful thin, flat paper bags that I cut apart the seams, floral and striped wallpaper samples (received many years ago from an elderly friend who was environmentally conscious even then), and gift boxes and ribbons I reuse. Sometimes wrinkled tissue paper can be flattened and reused if the wrinkles make a nice pattern. I like the idea of using sale holiday material to make gift bags.

  3. I love your eco-friendly fridays Jen. I signed up to be on the email list for their newsletter after your first post about ReuseableBags. As far as gift wrapping goes, I have always reused gift bags and bows until they look beaten up. Why waste a perfectly good bag or bow? But I definitely like some of the new options you suggested too.

  4. I have reused gift bags we have received for years. I still have a few of the ones we got from our wedding 11 years ago. (Guess it's time for some of my friends to get married. Wonder if they'd recognize the bag.) I also have used my kids art work to wrap gifts or cut up the paper grocery bags and decorated those with paints to use as wrapping paper.

  5. I inherited my mom's lavish gift wrapping habit. I would love to win these to see if I'd actually like them... My mom and I make our own bows for our Christmas trees and all Christmas presents. We definitely save them and reuse them but I can't say that I don't make new ones each year!

    I still have a stack of gift bags that are waiting to be reused from our wedding. I have slowly been using them but I have a ton more! Since they're mostly pastel colored (if not just plain wedding themed) I have been able to use them for baby gifts and wedding gifts! I will never just throw them away!

    I really like the idea of these reusable wrapping suggestions so I would love to try them!

  6. I signed up for the newsletter!

  7. I blogged! :)

  8. I always reuse gift bags, bows, and boxes, but I love all these other great ideas! Thanks, Jen!

  9. I reuse cute shopping bags from stores that the clothes come in so i dont have to wrap them at all. Just add a little bit of tissue paper and a card!

  10. I always reuse bags, but haven't figured out how to reuse wrapping paper yet. I'm excited to check out the cloth looks beautiful :)

  11. I signed up for the monthly newsletter!

  12. I have always reused gift bags and fabric bows. I have an entire closet devoted to gift wraps and bags. I also really like to be practical and give gifts in wicker baskets or even pots (now that is spring!) that can be reused.

  13. I recycyle using gift bags given to us. I am still using bags from Alexander's baby showers, 3 years ago! And I'll reuse paper if it isn't torn. Eric will keep the gift in the plastic bag from the store (i.e. Target) and tape it around the gift and use old ribbon. He is so creative, eh? But I do love the idea of this reusable giftwrap. My mother in law and I will be able to swap wrapping for years!

  14. Oh, and I'm blogging about it on my blog, not the Alexander one...

  15. I ALWAYS reuse gift bags!!! I have a gaint pile in Sean's closet!


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