Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!!

This past week, my Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th anniversary!! Just look at the happy couple after all these years...

I think my brothers and I often take for granted how lucky we are to have two wonderful parents that are still married and living a happy life together. It is a rare thing these days, even for couples that have only been together a few years...let alone 30!! I think what makes my parents so perfect for each other is their honesty. They never pretend like marriage is easy, or that couples don't have their ups and downs from time to time. But they also show us that love is unconditional and that is probably the most important thing they have ever taught us. And it is because of this belief that I am confident my parents will be together for another 30 years to come :-) celebrate their milestone anniversary, my brothers and sister-in-laws and I took them out for a FABULOUS brunch this morning!! Here are some of the guys with Addie, waiting to let loose on the buffet :-)

Don't be girls were just as excited to eat :-)

After stuffing ourselves to the point of nausea, we decided to walk off some of the calories we consumed by heading to a great outdoor mall that was near the restaurant. The weather was BEAUTIFUL today and Addie was loving it. Here she is with Uncle Ryan looking for some spending money. Ha!

If Ryan hadn't been there, I am sure Addie would have jumped right in and picked up every coin.

Although...she did manage to score some loot at Land of Nod and I have no idea how she was able to pay for it? Hmm....

Celebrating my parents anniversary was the perfect way to spend our Sunday. As we speak, I have two tuckered babies sound asleep in bed. I really hope all the fresh air will give them both a peaceful night's sleep because seriously...this mama could use one too :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend! Lots of fun posts coming up this week like my SIL Dana's surprise party that I am FINALLY able to talk about, as well as the rest of my Q&A posts :-) Stay tuned...

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post Jen! Dad and I had a wonderful time today with our kids! It was a special day! I thank God every day for 3 great kids and their wonderful spouses and of course my fabulous grandbabies, Addie and Blake!!! We are truly blessed!


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