Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The PERFECT Swimsuit for a Post Baby (or Prebaby) Belly

Dealing with some tummy issues are ya? Yeah...me too. Despite my weightloss and attempt at doing sit-ups each night, I am still carrying around a little post baby belly. I hoped this would be gone by summer but lets get serious. Summer is here and it looks like the tummy will be sticking around for the nice weather. So...this pretty much cancels out any hope I had for returning to my two-piece bathing suits.

But that's okay because I came across a FABULOUS suit for people dealing with some tummy issues. This is one of the styles from the SPANX swim collection...

Did you know that SPANX made swimwear? Yeah...I learned about it a few months ago when I was shopping at a department store and saw the sign. I saw this adorable suit (pictured above) and thought YES!!! This is prefect for the summer. Brown is cute and slimming and this suit is unique because it is actually a slimming one-piece made to look like a two-piece. Clever huh? This will surely suck in all my tummy and back fat issues. The only problem (for me at least) is that it is $178!!!!!! Yikes!!! Even though I wanted this suit really bad...I had to put it down and move on. $178 for a swimsuit is just not in my budget.

But then, as if the swim suit Gods heard my prayers, I got an e-mail sale alert from RueLaLa and I saw that SPANX had a boutique open for two days. Guess how much I got this suit for? $79!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am!!! If you want to snag a new SPANX suit too you better hurry...they are selling out fast.

Now I can finally feel comfortable going to the community pool and taking Addie to swim class this summer without feeling like my gut is going to knock a kid into the water. Yay! Be sure to comment if you end up snagging a SPANK suit too and let me know what you think :-)


  1. that website you have to be a member? I tried to sign up and they just said they would let me know when a spots available. What kind of secret society are you in? is it like the skulls but shopping? also - is there a suit that 10 pounds off of the thighs?

  2. You must have gotten lucky because by the time I got in there half of the boutique was sold out! Way to go girl!

  3. You're so funny! That suit is cute but for $178?! That's crazy! But that's so awesome you got it for like $100 off! Wow!

    I'm sure you're going to rock it at the pool!


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