Sunday, May 30, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why Holiday Weekends Rock

* This post is brought to you by Addison*

1. Time with Daddy

Since Daddy is a super hard worker, we don't get a lot of time to go to fun places together. But when he can manage a day off, Daddy loves taking me to special places. This weekend we went to the zoo!!!!! Daddy's friend Jeff and my friend Megan went along too...

We got to see Zebwas, Monkeeeys and Bears!!!

And at the end of the day, Daddy and I posed for one more picture...and then he bought me an Icey and I ruined my outfit. Hehehehe :-)

I had the BEST time with my Daddy and I can't wait to go back again :-)

2. Cooking Breakfast with Mommy

Whenever Daddy is home on the weekends, Mommy likes to make a nice breakfast. Today we had waffles (her favorite) and I got to stir the batter!!! I love cooking and making a mess in the kitchen with Mommy :-)

3. Quality Time with Uncle Ado

Uncle Ado works as hard as Daddy, which means I don't get to see him that often. But when I do, Uncle Adam always does something fun with me. Yesterday, he took me for a ride on his 4-wheeler!! And when we were done, he even let me sit on it by myself!!!

He offered to let me drive it but Mommy said no. Boo!!! Uncle Ado told me he will let me drive it another day when Mommy isn't looking. Too bad he doesn't know that Mommy is always looking :-) I love you Uncle Ado!!

4. CAKE!!!

I heart cake :-)

5. Summer Lovin

I'm not too sure yet...but I think I might be in love. I met a boy named Kellen at Aunt Di and Uncle Adam's BBQ and he is cute. We played the WHOLE afternoon and I can't wait until we can play together again.

I think I might heart him more than cake :-)

The best part is...the weekend isn't over yet!!!! I still have so many more fun things to do and I am sure Mommy will post about those later. Okay...I have to go back to my pool now. Bye!!!!


  1. this is probably one of the cutest posts ever :)

  2. Super cute! You should let Addie guest post more often! :) I'm glad you have been able to spend more time with Eric this weekend!!!

  3. Kellen really loved playing with Addie too. Maybe one day he can give her a ride on his 4 wheeler!

  4. Super duper cute pics Jen!! Looks like a fun weekend for your family =) I agree, long weekends are the BEST!


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