Monday, June 28, 2010

Blake is 6 Months Old!!!!

Six months ago today, I was holding my baby boy for the first time. I remember sitting in the rocking chair with him, looking out the window at the snow. Summer seemed so far away and as I looked at my tiny little newborn, I couldn't imagine what he would look like 6 months from now. But here he is, in all his blue-eyed, cubby-cheeked, 18-pound glory...

I just can't get enough of this little peanut. He is still the cuddliest, funniest, happiest little baby and I just love this new stage he is entering into. He isn't mobile yet, but he is active and playful and it makes the days so much more fun with him. Him and Addie have also been playing more with each other ( "play" I mean Addie gives him toys and then she takes them away. Ha!) But if there is one person that can ALWAYS make Blake's his big sis. She makes goofy faces and tickles him and its the cutest thing to watch.

In terms of development, my baby boy is right where he should be. He is starting to sit up more unassisted, although he still topples over after a while :-) He can hold his whole upper body up but just can't quite figure out how to get his knees under him. I am actually thankful for that because when he does start to crawl, I will have TWO mobile children to chase after each day. AHH!!!

Blake just went in for his 6-month check-up today and he is 18.1 pounds and is 27 1/2 inches long. I just can't believe how much he has grown!!! He is solid as a rock too, and I am just loving all of his delicious baby rolls. I am sure some of those rolls are due in large part to all the eating he does!!! I am still exclusively breastfeeding (since my little guy STILL won't take a bottle), but he has also been eating a lot of oatmeal, fruit and veggies now which is fun. I know some people dread it, but I love the baby food stage! I am planning on a making a bunch in the coming weeks. Yum!!

And finally, I am happy to report that my little guy has been doing much better in the sleep department!!! He has been taking 2 consistent naps each day and going down without having to be nursed into a coma. He still has yet to sleep the night, but we are down to 2 fairly predictable wake-ups so I am hoping those slowly start to fade as well. We have been starting cry-it-out for his first wake-up and that has worked several times. I am hoping after a few more times he will skip the wake-up all together. Fingers crossed!!!

Well that's all I have for Blakey Boy's update this month!!! Here's to a happy, healthy July!!!


  1. Awe! He is just too darn cute! He's gonna be a little heart breaker!

  2. He is so cute! I love his little itty bitty face!

    Glad the night's are getting better!

  3. I love our little meatloaf!!!!

  4. Haha! Blake the Mr. Meatloaf! Cutie pie! :)

  5. Look at how BIG he is! He looks like a little Eric!

  6. Jen- He is just so handsome! I don't know what it is, but it seems the 2nd child is so much more content! I thought Zach was a great baby, but Matt smiles more often and laughs all the time, and really is so laid back. We are so blessed to have our wonderful kids, and it doesn't hurt they are all adorable to boot!

  7. such a handsome man! and I remember holding my little guy as a newborn, not able to picture him at six months either!! They grow so fast!

    Are you going to see Eclipse tonight?? :) I can't wait!!


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