Friday, June 18, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: Reusable Bags Cute Enough to be Purses

Sorry this post is coming at you a little late today. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and time just slipped of the hazards of summer :-) Now, without further ado, here is this week's Eco-Friendly Friday post on one of my favorite subjects...cute bags!!

It's no secret that I am a liiiiiiittle addicted to purses. I don't know why that is, but I blame my obsession on my mother. EVERY time I turn around that woman is carrying a new bag. Most of the time it's one she made but other times, she gets creative and carries around bags that were meant for something else (i.e. using a cute lunch bag as a purse). This got me thinking about all the adorable reusable bags out there that are honestly cute enough to carry around as a purse. has a HUGE selection of fabulous bags but these are some of my "purse/tote-like" favorites...

These bright bags by Flip & Tumble are just screaming summer!!! I love the colors and patterns, as well as the unique sling strap with a felt pad (so it won't slip off your shoulder). Like most reusable bags, these roll up into a handy little pouch for when you are not using them. I think these would work great as a tote for every day use because of their great structure and design. There are 3 patterns to chose from.

These funky reusable bags by Alchemy Goods are not only super cute, but also super eco-friendly. They are made from recycled outdoor ad banners which means that no one bag is alike. They make a great shoulder bag, perfect for carrying around lots of stuff :-)

Okay...this bag is just WAY too cute to only be used for groceries. I actually own this bag and have used it as a tote for many occasions. Because it is made from Organic hemp, as apposed to nylon, it actually has a "dressier" feel. Love it.

This bag is officially on my wish list. Mimi the Sardine markets it as a "shopping tote", but it has all the features of a great handbag. For one thing, it has an inside zipper pouch for small, loose items which is incredibly handy. It is water, soil and odor resistant, machine washable, and has two padded, easy-grip handles. And of course, lets not forget to mention the fact that it is SUPER cute :-)

I heart Reisnethel :-) I love all of their stuff and this bag is no exception. It too is marketed as a shopping tote, but I think it makes an excellent everyday bag, especially if you carry a lot of stuff. I get really tired of carrying a purse and a diaper bag so when I can find cute totes that fit everything in one...I am sold. This bag has a large inner zipper pocket and a cell-phone pocket so your smaller items won't drop to the bottom. It is roomy, sturdy and has a reinforced bottom. Have I mentioned I love this bag?

This is one of Envirosax latest creations and I think it is fabulous!!! It is made of nylon like most other Envirosax bags which means it is incredibly sturdy and machine washable. It has a handy front pocket and a unique crossbody strap...perfect for days when you don't have any extra hands...

It comes in three patterns right now, but I am sure it will eventually come in a lot more.

I could seriously go on and on with this post, since there are so many adorable bags to chose from. But in the interest of saving time, I will just urge you to head on over to and check out all they have to offer.

So...does anyone else use a reusable shopping bag as a purse or tote? Anyone use a lunch bag or some other unconventional bag as a purse? I would love to share some ideas. Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. You know the 'lazy girl' loves a cross strap!

  2. I must confess that your purse, tote bag, wallet, container obsession came from me!!! I have ALWAYS been like that and so have you. At 3 years old you were already wanting to carry a purse everywhere we went. But to me its a fabulous addiction!!!! I change my purse WEEKLY...sometimes daily depending on my outfit!!! Love it!

  3. oh way too cute! I absolutely love Reisnethel! I use one of their bags as my pool bag! Although, I feel the bags are a tad bit expensive for what they are made out of :) I have been known to use any bag I can find as a purse and become attached to it until I switch it out.

  4. Love it! I have that bag from Alchemy goods! It's wonderful! And the number next to the Ag tells you how much of your bag is made of recycle materials! :)


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