Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If I Ever Won the Lottery...

I know a lot of people believe the old saying, "money can't buy you happiness", but sometimes I wonder if that is just something people say to make themselves feel better. Because honestly, when I think about some of the things that are stressing me out, or better yet, the things that are stressing out my friends and family, I always think, "Damn...if I could just win the lotto...I could help (fill in the blank)". I dream about it all the time and yet I never buy a ticket. But...if I did win the lotto, here are some things I would love to do...

* Pay for as many rounds of fertility/IVF/adoption fees as I could for every family member or friend who is trying to start a family right now. I know that in the end, God is responsible for bringing people children. But what if God was just waiting for someone like me to offer help so that he could send them a baby? Shouldn't I at least try to help...for God's sake?

* I would buy a house for every friend or family member that is having trouble making their dream happen. Between the economy, the housing market, job-loss, etc...so many people are hurting right now and I wish that everyone could have a home that they are as happy in as I am in mine.

* I would buy some huge company so that all of my friends and family members (and maybe even a bunch of people I don't know yet) could find good jobs to help support their family. And better yet, I would turn this company into the greatest place to work so that all of my friends could leave their crappy jobs and start a new, happy career.

* I would invest everything I could in medical research to help friends and loved ones with their illnesses. I would actually give up everything else on this list just to find a cure for cancer. F-ing cancer!!! I hear that word too often lately and it makes me sad. Sad about the people who have it and sad for the people who worry that they will have it someday.

* And just so I don't end this post on such a sad note, I would also like to win the lotto so that I could open my own candy store and see happy faces like this ALL DAY LONG :-)

I know that winning the lotto and having the money to help people can't solve all the world's problems, but I do wish I had more power to help people. I guess in the end, Prayer is the best way to help our friends and family so I will stick with that...you know...until God sends me a winning ticket :-)

So, what would all of you do if you won the lottery? How would you like to help people?


  1. Let's start buying tickets...seriously! P.S. Thank you!!

  2. I would help myself to a new pair of Chloe boots

  3. I would divide my winning ticket up equally with my three children (and their spouses)!!! That would make me so "hoppy."

  4. First I'd just like to say that your little girl is getting so big! Her babyness is just about gone!

    If I won the lotto, I'd get out from under this horrible investment we call a condo and buy an actual house!

    Oh and I'd do your cancer cure thing! But before the house thing! haha!


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