Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a Couple of Girlfriends Getting Together for a Swim

Playdates with Kennedy are always such a blast for Addie. Kennedy has got a whole year on Addison so she enjoys teaching her new things. You know, like how to convince your mom to give you a Popsicle at 9:30a.m...

Or how to wear cute goggles, even though you won't stick your face in the water...

Or how to be a good friend by wearing a pair of goggles too so that you won't feel left out...

Linsey and I have had a lot of fun watching the girls play together lately. They are starting to communicate with one another and even though we are still working on the process of sharing, Kennedy is teaching Addie about taking turns. That is a new concept for Addie, since she doesn't really have to share any of her toys at home yet. Poor Blake doesn't know what he is in for. Ha! But if KK can teach her the ropes of being a big girl, I know Addie will be the best big sis in the world.

Next lesson on KK's agenda...teaching Addie how to get your mom to buy you cute stuff from the Target dollar bin. Oh wait, Addie already knows that trick. Ha!


  1. those goggles are just too funny! love it:)

  2. Those pictures are ADORABLE!!! I just love the summer! Popsicles and pools, what could be better?

  3. Next time, do us readers a favor. Take pictures of the MOMMIES with the goggles one!!! Puh*Lease!?!??! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Cute baby girls... :)


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