Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Girls are All Grown Up!

It's hard to believe that 4 years have already come and gone so quickly. I feel like it was just yesterday that I met these beautiful girls for the first time. I had just returned from my honeymoon and school was about to start. I had a 3-page list of students looking for campus jobs and I only had 4 spots available. I didn't have time to call and interview all 300 students, so I just started picking at random. The next day, I hired 3 of my dearest friends...Marie, Casey and Alyssa (pictured in the middle).

I couldn't believe that by some random luck, I had stumbled upon 3 of the smartest, funniest, most hard-working students on campus. I felt so blessed to have these girls work for me and I can honestly say that I enjoyed coming to work every day because of them.

The next school year, when the work-load started to pick-up (and my belly started to grow), I realized I needed a few more hands. I never thought I would be able to find two students as great as my other three, but I lucked out a second time and found Lindsay and Kelly. They were both as intelligent, fun and hard-working as the rest of the girls and I was so excited to have them on board. Here we all are just days before Addie was born...

I missed the girls a TON when I was on maternity leave and even though it was such a relief to see them when I returned, I knew it was only a matter of time before we said goodbye again. I only lasted two months on the job before I realized my calling was to be a SAHM. Here we are at my going away party.

Before I left, I made the girls promise we would keep in touch and thanks to e-mail, Facebook, lunch dates and a few pizza parties...we managed to do just that. Before we knew it, it was Addie's first birthday and all the girls made it to her party to celebrate...

Its been almost 2 years since I left the college, but the girls and I are still great friends. My sweetie Marie still calls me every week and we always manage to get in a visit every month or so. Today, I was lucky enough to see ALL of my girls at their graduation lunch at my old office!! I can't be their for their actual graduation this weekend, so I brought them their flowers today. All of them have such bright futures ahead of them. Casey has been offered an amazing position as a foster care case worker and this summer, she will be traveling to the Philippines to work with refugee children. She is nothing short of amazing. Kelly has been accepted to the graduate program at Western Illinois University and will be moving there this summer. Alyssa just accepted her first "big girl" job today with Allstate and I am SO happy for her!! She is my little math genius :-) Marie was accepted into the graduate program at North Central College and is traveling to Italy with the school this summer. SO jealous :-) And finally, Lindsay is working as an intern at the college this summer while she job hunts and I just know she is going to land something fabulous. See...told you my girls are amazing :-)

I had the BEST afternoon visiting with all of my old work friends today. I don't get to see them often but whenever we get together, it feels like we never skipped a beat. Mary Kay...thank you SO MUCH for including me in this lunch today. I miss you all so much and I sure hope we find a way to do this again some day.

I hope you have a beautiful graduation weekend girls! I am SO PROUD of all of you!! Love you tons!!!

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  1. Jen, Can I please just say that I started crying while reading this post and looking at all those old pictures! I can't believe it! How did it all go by so darn fast!! I'll see you when I get back from Italy!! Love you!!


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