Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Operation HMB Has Begun

I did a lot of prep work this weekend to get ready for Operation Hot Mommy Body (HMB), like ordering new running shoes, downloading some new workout music on iTunes, picking up some sports bras (since mine were 6 years and 2 bra sizes old), etc. I planned on starting my Couch to 5K program this week, but I have since decided that it might be better to use this week as a "warm up" week. I still plan to start jogging as soon as my shoes get here and I will be doing Pilates 3 times this week. But I think I will use next week as my official "Week 1".

I know several of you have shown an interest in joining me on the C25K plan, so I thought it might be fun to do a weekly post on our progress. I know this may not interest the vast majority of my readers, especially those who "frown upon exercise", but blogging about my goals is what keeps me motivated so I am going to do it anyway :-) I was thinking that Sunday might be a good day to post about the weeks progress. That way, we can get some renewed energy and motivation to start the next week. So...for those of you joining in...what should we call our running group? Or how should I title my Sunday posts?

Now...back to the plan. I did a lot of thinking about what days I should run. I thought Mon/Wed/Fri seemed appropriate, but a few people told me that they enjoyed doing Mon/Wed/Saturday. This actually sounds like a great idea to me, especially since Eric is home on Saturdays to hang out with the kiddies while I get some alone running time :-) So that is going to be my schedule to start.

For those of you who have already looked into the C25K program, you know that the workouts are a combination of running and walking for specific amounts of time. This had me a little stressed out this weekend because I was trying to figure out how I would keep track of time while I ran. My blogger friend Amy suggested these podcasts and I downloaded a few yesterday. They are really great actually. The person who created them chose fun music and the cues are very clear and precis. However, if you would rather chose your own music, I found the most AWESOME iPhone app for the C25K program. The app explains the whole program, gives you week by week guides to your workouts, tracks your history and progress AND you can play your own music through iTunes and they will give you your run/walk cues!! How freaking sweet is that? Here is a quick screen shot of the app...

I just gave it a test run tonight and it works like a charm!!! A little guy chimed in right in the middle of "Baby Got Back" and told me to run. AWESOME!! I guess I need to get one of those silly looking armbands to run with now. Oh well...its worth it :-)

So...I guess I am all set!! Now its time to get moving!! For those of you who are joining the group, send me an e-mail to adailydoseofdavis@gmail.com (even if you have already told me you want in) just so I can merge all of our addresses together to start an e-mail list. Yay!! I never thought I would get so excited about working out! Crap...I wonder if hell has frozen over?


  1. I did exactly what you have done...bought shoes, sportsbras, downloaded the app and podcasts. Then I tried and just as I'd feared...the bulging disc in my back was not going to let it happen. Sigh. I do think I generally enjoy all the planning and prep work better than the actual "event", so I guess it wasn't a total loss. :)

  2. Hey Jen! Love Love this idea!! My hubby and I were actually going to start this program together! However I will be a couple weeks behind you all as we are getting ready to move from IL to VA...but would love to also keep track with you all!! I think we have a 5k planned in the fall to do together!! So much fun and I always thought that I hated running too!! Crazy!!! I will send you my email!! Have a great week!!

  3. I was in shock when I actually completed the first day last night! I also d/l'd the podcast but couldn't get it to properly play for whatever reason so I resorted to just keeping track... well, actually my partner kept track for me! But day 2 our schedules don't mesh so I will have to get the podcasts to work. I wish the Droid Gods would get their acts together and make a similar app!!! That would rock!

  4. I ordered the 30 day shred, um I'll see how long I can last on that!!

  5. Good for you! That app sounds awesome! Wonder if they have one for Android?

    Can't wait to hear about your week 1!

  6. Tara and myself will cheer you along on the "couch" part...the rest is up to you! Good Luck! Hey...my word verification is "taxed"...it's an omen. Don't over tax yourself! HA!

  7. not a momma yet but I will do it with you! wish I had an iphone for that app. will look for one on my bb.

  8. Yay! So glad so many of you are joining me!!! I will be sending out a mass e-mail as soon as I get everyone's addresses together :-)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing about that App. I just got done downloading it.

  10. Congrats on getting started with the program. Your kids are too cute! Good Luck and thanks for the link to my podcasts.
    Happy Running!


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