Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SPANX Swimsuit For Sale

It is with great sadness that I write this post tonight. Thanks to my freakishly long torso, I will not be sporting this darling SPANX swimsuit that I got for a steal 2 weeks ago...

Everything about this suit is fabulous. The awesome SPANX material that sucked in my tummy by at least 2 inches, the vibrant colors and the full coverage bottom. But sadly, I am just too tall for a one-piece. case you didn't read my last post about this is a one-piece made to look like a tankini. I should have known better ordering a one-piece bathing suit since I have never been able to find one that fit before. I guess I was just being optimistic, since it was fate that brought this $178 swimsuit to me for a mere $79. I wanted to make this work SO BADLY!! But the front and back wedgie that it gave me was completely inappropriate. I am fairly certain I would have been kicked out the park district pool wearing this thing. Seriously. It was bad. woman's loss is another woman's gain right? This beautiful swimsuit is on it's way to eBay since doesn't offer returns :( But before I do, I wanted to offer it to all of you first. Are any of you a size 8 (with a normal length torso) looking for a new swimsuit that will make you look 2 sizes smaller?? If are in luck!! I am selling this baby for the price I paid...$79 (plus shipping). I can't find this suit on sale anywhere, and it is listed on Sax Fifth Avenue right now for $178. Obviously, this is a TOTAL STEAL since it is brand new with tags still attached. Any takers????

If so, just e-mail me at We can do the sale through PayPal so that it is safe and secure for everyone. I am going to try and list this on eBay by the weekend so please e-mail as soon as you can if you are interested. that I am on the hunt AGAIN for the perfect swimsuit...does anyone have any suggestions? Where have you found a great swimsuit you love? I am all about the tankini this year so please refrain from suggesting any string bikinis. Thanks :-)


  1. I would so love this swimsuit...but alas, I am not a size eight, and I am freakishly tall. I'm guessing it wouldn't work for me either!!

  2. I got mine at Newport News. It's got this fx shape wear technology that slims you down. I got a one piece with a really low v neck, it's super cute, I just wish my preggo belly would fit in it this year!!

  3. Jcrew sells "long torso" one piece suits.

  4. THANKS JEN!!!! I tried it on right away, and with a great sigh of relief, it fits!!! Now I'm all ready to go pool side this weekend on my vacation. Packing will be a lot lighter now, all I need is my spanx swimsuit, thanks to you, a pair of shorts, and sunglasses! lol -Kelli


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