Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Time I Ran...and Puked

So...remember how I said I wasn't going to officially start the c25K program this week and just casually jog to warm up? Well, I sort of changed my mind. After I got the kiddies bathed and in their jammies, I looked outside and saw the sun setting, the breeze blowing, and the quiet empty sidewalks and thought hmm...maybe I should try my workout tonight. So I laced up my old New Balances, threw on a new sportsbra, and headed out the door for my first run.

I was surprised by how good I felt running (and walking). It was nice to just listen to music and clear my mind. But I will admit...those last two run sequences were ROUGH! I had to push my way through both of them and it wasn't pretty. I am sure the neighbors 2 blocks over could hear me panting. I couldn't hear myself, thank God, because I was jamming to JLo. But when I finally reached my front door...I felt a huge wave of accomplishment. I had done it. I completed my first day of the program and survived. Well...almost.

When I came in the house, I was beaming with pride. I told Eric I made it through the whole program and he high-fived me, and so did Addie :-) He poured me a tall glass of ice water and I stood in the kitchen and chugged the whole thing. Eric didn't notice I was guzzling down this water but when he came in and saw the empty glass, he looked at me like I was nuts and said, "You didn't just drink that entire glass of water did you?" I was so confused. Was I suppose to save him some? I said, "Well...yeah. I'm hot and thirsty. Why?" He just laughed and said, "Oh boy...someone's gonna puke in a minute."

It wasn't two seconds later that I felt my mouth start to water. My face was getting flush again and I heard a gurgle in my tummy. Eric looked at me and knew what was coming. I ran my ninth run-sequence all the way to the bathroom. And puked.

I don't really know what to say. I obviously didn't remember the "don't chug water after you run" rule but I feel like an idiot for not knowing. Eric can't stop laughing at me and I can't stop laughing at the fact that I ended my first run by puking. Oh well...looking on the bright side...at least I finished!!!

So...please let this be a lesson to all of you. DO NOT chug an entire glass of water after you run. And here are few other tips/lessons that other runners have told me lately, just in case you are curious...

1.) Do Yoga, or "stretch like a mofo" before and after running or you will certainly pay for it in the morning.
2.) The song "Generator" by Foo Fighters should be the first song on everyone's workout playlist.
3.) Buy good running shoes. They don't have to be expensive, but they have to be made for running. I guess my retro Nikes are out then.
4.) Not all sports bras are created equal so give them a test run. Otherwise, your girls will be as sore as your ass the next day.
5.) Hydrate THROUGHOUT the day you plan to run.

I will now take into consideration every piece of workout advice I am given to avoid any puking, pulled muscles, poor music selection and sore feet and boobies. Thanks for the tips everyone!! Is there anything else I am missing? Share away...


  1. Okay....that was funny!

    I've actually never heard that rule before so thanks for filling me in!

    Great job on your first run!

  2. This may just be me... but I have to take off all jewelry because when I get halfway in and am sweating like a beast my hands swell and my body gets hyper sensitive in the feeling department. In other words, I can feel things that are too loose, tight or whatever and it distracts me from my mission. I have to take all steps to be as focussed as possible or I will find an excuse to stop!!!

    Sorry bout the pukeage...

  3. Since you bought New Balance, i would take your new shoes into a NB store and make sure they fit your properly. Most of the good running stores have a treadmill and cameras to watch your feet how your run. They can tell you if your shoes fit properly or if you need any inserts. I have a higher arch on my left foot and i need more cushioning on my right because of knees so i have two different inserts in my shoes. It is well worth the extra money. Your feet and joints will thank you.

  4. Thanks for the tip Lins! I actually didn't buy New Balances...I just used my old ones last night. I ordered a pair of Sauconys that are made for people with Underpronation (which is what I have I guess) and they should arrive today. I hope I like them as much as people say I will. Otherwise, I will definitely get my butt to a running store :-)

    Di - You funny :-)

  5. congrats on your running. For any long runs you might want to invest in Body Glide which you can rub anywhere that you feel like you might need it. This will prevent rubbing raw and getting blisters in areas you do not want them! I also suggest a water belt and make sure you hydrate well during the run. :)

  6. I've started the C25K too, Jen, and I thought I'd die that first day! And the second. But now, I realize I enjoy the jog, the music, and the bond with my seven year old, that I get while jogging with her! Thanks for getting us on the bandwagon! Keep us posted on the (hilarious) progress!

  7. I've never heard of that rule! Not that I run, but I might someday so good to know! :)

  8. Oh my gosh, girly! LOL. Yeah, chugging anything right after a hard work out is usually a no-no. Fortunately, it only takes one time to learn that lesson :)

    I know I should email this to you (and will tomorrow) but my friend Carli and I are going to start the c25k program this week (we had to wait for her to get running shoes). I am in the process of updating my iPhone so that I can put the App on my phone! :) Can't WAIT!


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