Friday, July 16, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: Plastic Water Bottle Rundown

Even though I love my aluminum and stainless steel water bottles, they aren't the easiest things to tote around sometimes. For one thing, they can be a bit heavy, and when you already have 10 pounds of crap in your diaper don't really want to add to the weight if you can help it. Also, thanks to my darling daughter who always wants to carry my water bottle, my once beautiful aluminum bottle is now full of dents :-)

So, I decided to start looking into some plastic reusable bottles that are both lightweight and durable. Here are a few reviews of the ones I have tried.

My friend Linsey recommended CamelBak bottles a long time ago but I was in the middle of my "stainless or aluminum only" phase so I never ended up giving them a try. But now that I have, I wish I would have listened to her sooner! I love these bottles for three reasons: 1) The drinking straw is great. I don't know why, but I have always prefered drinking out of a straw vs. a cup or open mouth bottle. 2) They are super lightweight, even when they are filled with ice and water and 3) Addie gave it the "toss test" and it made its way down the driveway into the street and still stayed closed and in one piece! Woohoo! I will be ordering a few more of these.

Now, if you do like a wide mouth bottle like my husband, then I highly recommend this Nalgene bottle. It too is super durable, BPA free and dishwasher safe. The only negative draw back to this bottle (for moms anyway) is that it is too wide to fit in most diaper bag pockets. I also had trouble fitting it in the cupholder of my SUV. But...if you are just bringing it to the serves its purpose well.

I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about this bottle when I ordered it. It looks like it is just a plastic bag with a spout on it. But to my surprise, it is a lot more sturdy then I thought it would be. It is still a little more difficult to drink from then a regular water bottle (in my opinion) but I loved being about to collapse it and stick it in the zipper pouch of my purse when I was done with it. The metal clip on the side was also very handy. I think these bottles would be great for picnics or road trips when you want to bring multiple drinks in a cooler, but don't want to lug back 20 plastic water bottles. This is a very smart concept.

Awesome. That's really all I can say about this water bottle. I think I might replace all of Addie's sippy cups with these now. For one thing, this water bottle actually looks like a "grown up" water bottle which is very appealing to my toddler. She likes holding it (and dropping it) but no matter what she puts it doesn't leak, dent, or break. Addie has been carrying this bad boy around every day since we got it and I realize I am going to have to buy a lot more because she only wants to drink from this one. I know the price tag isn't as reasonable as some other sippy cups out there, but I assure you it is worth the extra couple of dollars. And the best part, it is SUPER easy to clean. Bonus!!

So there you have it. A few reviews of the plastic bottles I am really digging. Are there any other great reusable plastic bottles that I am missing? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Hey, those collapsable ones looke neat!

  2. i have 2 camel back bottles and 2 nalgenes. i like the camel backs more, but really i wish people knew how amazing they are. i drink so much more when i have the cb! good call on them all!

  3. Great review! I am really curious about the collapsible water bottles. Carter has some of the Nalgene Kid's water bottles and we LOVE them. It is just the perfect size for him and it looks so much like the water bottles for adults.


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