Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Babies, A "New" Office, & Some Playroom Ideas

I am happy to report that both of my kiddies are on the mend today and feeling MUCH better. Addie even managed to get her sassy little "Addietude" back, which is why you won't see her in any of today's pictures. She flat out refused to smile for me and actually told me to "bug off", before heading straight to time-out. Ahh...kiddies :-)

But the good news is that even though sassy pants was being a bit of a drama queen today, her rash is gone and she is eating/playing/sleeping like normal. Whew! Mr. Blake is also feeling better and his congestion has cleared up a bunch. I'm so happy too because I missed my smiley little bugger! Thanks to everyone who wished them looks like it worked :-)

So far, the kiddies and I have had another productive day. First up on the list was a MUST DO project. Blake is now managing to sit up on his own and he can get into the crawling position which means his crib needed to be dropped ASAP. I mean, just look at the little guy in there...he can actually reach up to grab his mobile!

We dropped Addie's crib around 6 months and since Blake is just a few days shy of 7 months...I thought it was time. He is just growing too fast on me!! I actually shed a little tear lowering his crib and putting him in it for the first time. He looks like he is in a jail cell!!

A very cozy jail cell that he particularly likes :-) I also put Blake's bumper back on because we have had a problem with limbs getting stuck in the slats lately. I only took it out because of SIDS risks those first few months but now that he can move himself around any way he wants, I thought it might be nice to put it back in for a while (until he starts standing up of course :-) I think he likes his new cozy bed...don't you?

After Blake's bed was situated, I finished the last of the office move to our bedroom and I thought I would share a few pictures. For our desk, I wanted to try to utilize a piece of furniture we already had in our bedroom. This is an old computer cabinet that I got for a steal about 10 years ago when I worked for Pier 1 Imports. I used it all through college and it became our TV stand when we moved into our house. Its still in pretty good shape for 10 years old...

I was just storing blankets and extra pillows in it, but once I cleaned that out, I was able to fit ALL of our office supplies and computer necessities. Look how great it turned out...

What I love best about this cabinet is that it hides all the clutter. If I have bills sitting out to be paid or a stack of essays to grade, I can just close the cabinet doors and viola...mess contained! I also love all the little compartments in this cabinet because it makes all the organizing super easy. I am very happy with how this turned out and I am shocked that all of our stuff fit into it.

Next up on the move was books. If you remember from my pictures, I had two bookcases in the office filled from top to bottom. Eric suggested I just pack the books up or put them in the basement but since I still reference a lot of them for teaching or for the babies...I decided I wanted to keep them upstairs. Luckily, after moving the bassinet out of our room, I had the perfect wall to put both book cases side-by-side. Don't they look nice?

I don't know what it is about books, but I just feel like they cozy up any room. But that's just me...I'm a nerd. that the spare bedroom is free from all office furniture and supplies, it's time to start brainstorming about the playroom. Here are some things I know I want to do with the walls.

First up...I want to paint a chalkboard on the wall...

Benjamin Moore is suppose to make a great chalkboard paint that is easy to use, and easy to cover when you no longer need it. I only want to paint a small portion of one of the walls and then frame it out in trim. The cost of chalkboard paint and trim is only a fraction of the price that a real chalkboard would cost...and a lot less dangerous for the kids. I am always so paranoid of things falling off the wall and a big chalkboard could definitely do some damage. While I was browsing the internet for chalkboard paint pictures, I found a few cute ideas on Martha Stewart and on this website. I never realized how much you can do with this paint!

Next up...I want to hang some fun maps...

I definitely want to make the playroom fun, as well as educational. I love kids rooms that have big US maps on the wall. This one is from Land of Nod but I am sure there are plenty out there to chose from. I just want to make sure I find one like this that is suitable for a toddler or young child, and not too complicated. And while I look, I am also hoping to find a cute map of our solar system. I always loved astronomy as a kid and I hope Addie and Blake find it fun as well (especially since I have a telescope packed away in the basement :-)

And finally, I am TOTALLY ripping off this idea from Pottery Barn Kids...

I knew I wanted to put the Alphabet up somewhere in the room and I absolutely LOVE how they incorporate random items to make the shapes of certain letters. Love the rope for Q, and the wheel for O. Such a smart idea. And I am sure I can find several "letters" around the house, garage or basement. Anyone have any ideas for items I can use to make letters? I want to use this idea on the big wall in the playroom. I am thinking that I can make this pretty inexpensive as well, especially if I just buy unfinished wood letters from a craft store for the letters I can't find around the house :-)

So there you have it...a little insight into what I hope to do with the walls in the playroom. Next I need to start thinking about storage and organization. You know my Dad will play a part in that somehow, but what to do...what to do. I think I am going to give myself the afternoon off to play with the kiddies outside since the rain is holding off. I hope everyone enjoys their hump day!


  1. A chalkboard on the wall would be such a fun idea!!!

  2. Please send some of your energy and cute ideas this way! You know how helpless we are...your ideas sound great! What colors??

  3. Looking good girl!! And I love the ideas for the playroom! Blake man is so stinking cute. I can't wait to see him and Addie!! Miss you!

  4. found you via apple pie gal. Hi.

    I had to leave a comment. I too really want to make a chalk board wall. I've used spray paint before but it didn't work out that great. Good luck with your projects

  5. Wow! Your office is so nice, beautiful and well arranged though it is small you have covered all the important things in it very nicely. Can you give me some ideas for my office so that I also can make my office well arranged.
    Office screens

  6. You always have great ideas for decorating. I can't wait to see the new playroom! I love the ABC idea and have always wanted to play around with some chalkboard paint...I didn't know you could change the color of it. Cool!

    So jealous of your computer cabinet - we could really use something like that in my house.

  7. Your organization skills are inspiring. No joke.


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