Monday, July 19, 2010

July is a Fall-Lover's Worst Nightmare

To say that it has been hot around here lately is an understatement. It has been flat out MISERABLE these last few weeks with temps well into the 90s and 100s with insane humidity. Normally, I welcome these few super hot summer days because they give you an excuse to do nothing but play outside in the water. BUT...when the temp gets so hot that not even your parents fabulous pool can cool you know you've got trouble.

It's days (or weeks) like this that make me wish for FAVORITE season. I look forward to seeing the leaves change...

To buying my first Pumpkin Spice latte...

To wearing my first cozy sweater of the season...

To lighting my first fall scented candle...

And best of busting out my new school supplies!!

I am trying hard not to wish away summer because I enjoy being outside with the kids and I know that when the cold winds of winter blow in...I will be wishing for these days. But to be honest, I would prefer being in a cozy house drinking hot chocolate any day. I nuts...or are some of you out there already dreaming about fall too?


  1. Me too! There are days when it's fun but summer is my least favorite season. I think fall is my favorite.

  2. I'm over the heat. I love summer for my golfing but that's even hard to do when it's this hot!

  3. Yes! I am dreaming about fall pretty much every day, for all of the reasons you listed - plus college football season. :) I love sweater/sweatshirt weather and pumpkin spice lattes! Plus ... there are only so many more 95 degree days I can take. Seriously. Ugh.

  4. Oh girly I feel ya! Today it was 68 degrees out when I woke up... GORGEOUS. So fall-like. But this afternoon? UGH.

  5. I love love fall!! I can not wait for it to come around!!

  6. I CANT WAIT FOR FALL. And yes that required all caps!!! I hate this hot weather!!!

    I love that sweater!

  7. Have you lost your noodle girlie? You know what comes after Fall, right? xoxox

  8. I was thinking the same thing the other day and then I felt bad for wishing summer away!

  9. Not yet. I LOVE summer and am no where near ready for it to end.

    I am one of those crazy people that loves the heat. Maybe it's because I know the long hard New England winter is just around the corner. So I say, Bring on the heat!

  10. Oh, I just mentioned in my blog entry today how I was ready for fall, so guess we're thinking along the same lines. Enjoyed stopping by your blog today. Blessings to you!

  11. You're nuts. Certifiable. LOL!

  12. While I can understand your sentiments... I am on this kick of trying not to wish my life away. Especially around these parts. I like to say that the people in the PNW like to bitch no matter what... They bitch when its raining then bitch when its 80! And, we don't even have any humidity!!! Sheesh!

    My point is... I am always wishing for something. I'm wishing to be done with school, wishing to get off of work, wishing to be "27" the perfect age, wishing to be retired, wishing to be thin... Blah blah blah.

    So, today I am going to enjoy summer and look forward to Fall as its my favorite too!!! :) I can't wait to wear sweatshirts that cover up my flubber and to eat chili & cornbread! :)

  13. I LOVE Fall! It's my absolute favorite season! The colors are so beautiful, the decorating is always fun and the cool air is comforting!

    If you're feeling like Fall right now, you can hop on over to Michaels as they already have their Fall product line out!!!

    BTW...just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting my 2nd blogiversary bash this week and tomorrow is day four of some fabulous giveaways! Come on over if you have a chance!

    Happy Wednesday tomorrow!


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