Monday, July 5, 2010

Party, Party, Party

That's pretty much all we have done the last few, party, party!! But hey...that's what you're suppose to do on holiday weekends right?

We started our 4th of July weekend with my cousin Krissy's daughter's birthday party! I can't believe Gracie girl is already 3 years old!!!

Gracie's party was at one of Addie's FAVORITE places...the bouncy house!!

Obviously, she spent a LOT of time bouncing and doing some "ring around the rosy" with her new friends...

But as soon as Addie found the big was all she cared about. So we slid again...

And again...

And again. As you can imagine, Addie was NOT a happy girl when we told here it was time to go eat...

She tried escaping from the party room several times, but I was too quick for her. I thought she was going to have a full-on breakdown, but as soon as my Aunt Kathy brought out Gracie's YUMMY little cake hound was a happy camper :-)

Thanks for the great party Gracie girl!!! We had so much fun!!

On Saturday, it was off to Uncle Joe's for a 4th of July cookout. Blake was totally ready to party...

And so was his big sis. We weren't at Uncle Joe's for 10 minutes before she was flirting with all of her boyfriends. Here she is with Clark...

And her "older" boyfriend Patrick...

Don't wasn't all about boys for Addie this weekend. She also took time to hang out with her cousin Audrey! I don't know if it is because the girls were born only days apart, but they totally think alike sometimes. I mean just look...they even showed up in the same outfit!

And their brothers, who were also born days apart, seem to think alike too! Cole thought it would be fun to hang out on Uncle Joe's bed and Blake said, "Hey man...I was just thinking that!"...

Uncle's Joe's house was a blast, but the kiddies were so tuckered out they couldn't make it to see the fireworks. Oh well...there's always next year!!

On Sunday, we headed to Nana and Papa Mueller's house for some burgers and pool time!! It was a pretty laid back day (thank goodness) so I only managed to snap one picture of Eric and his mini-me. How cute are my boys?!!!

It was a super fun weekend for all of us but I am really we glad we had today to recover :-) Now it's back to the grind tomorrow!!! Even after our long weekend, I still managed to start week 3 of my C25K program tonight. It was freaking BRUTAL but I made it!!! I will have a full running update tomorrow :-)

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!


  1. Great pics. I love bouncy houses. I am def getting one for my son aka the grown ups!!

  2. The girls look so cute in their matching outfits!!!

  3. Addie, Audrey, Cole & Blake are SO cute! :) It's so cool that both sets of kids are so close in age! They're going to love that growing up together.

    Looks like it was a fun weekend! Way to go in getting started on week 3!


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