Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This One's For You Uncle Ry

One of the great advantages and disadvantages of my brother's awesome job is his ability to travel around the world. He has to be ready at a moments notice to fly to either Colorado...or Cairo. This week...my brother is in Egypt and even though we all miss him tons when he is away, Ryan always manages to check in on my blog so that he can see what the kiddies are up to.

This trip, he even proved that he was checking in on us when he landed in Germany...

And then again when he made it to Cairo...

I think it's pretty sweet that Ryan is so attached to Addie and Blake that he can't be on a trip for even one day without checking in. So, since he is no doubt sitting alone in his boring Egyptian hotel room, I thought I would send along a little something to brighten his day.

This picture is for you Uncle Ry...

Hope you have a VERY safe trip! Can't wait to visit when you get back! Lots of Love!


  1. I'm sure he will love seeing this post when he gets up in the morning. It is currently 1:00am in Cairo. We miss you Ryan!!! Be safe!

  2. I miss my BUD!!
    Injoy the valley of the Kings!

  3. Thanks dude. It's bedtime again.

  4. awww...what a sweet uncle!!! and sweet kids!!!


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