Thursday, July 8, 2010

Uncle Ryan & Aunt Meagan's NEW HOUSE!!

After a looooooooong house buying/selling process, my brother and sister-in-law FINALLY closed on their dream home!!!!! My mom and I took the kids up to see it yesterday and it is even more beautiful in person!!

Their whole house is adorable but the room I love the most is their kitchen. Can you say GORGEOUS??

Words cannot express how jealous I am of that kitchen! I think my mom (and every other woman who sees it) will agree that it is the best part of the house. Well...except for Addie of course. She thought this was the best part of the house...

We spent a long time playing on Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan's swingset but when it got too hot, Aunt Meagan suggested we walk to another fun place...the WATER PAD!!

Ryan and Meagan have the most fabulous park within walking distance of their new house and this water pad was right up Addie's alley. Ryan was able to snap some action shots of her splashing around and each picture is cuter than the next... you think she had fun? It's ALL we've been talking about today so I am pretty sure we will be making another trip up to see Uncle Ry and Aunt Meagan very soon! Thanks for the fun night you two and congratulations on your first home together!!! We are so happy for you! xoxoxo


  1. Love the house, love the neighborhood! Can't wait to take Addie back to the water pad! She had so much fun and these pictures of her in the water turned out adorable!!! Oh yeah...the kitchen...FABULOUS!!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I am CRAZY jealous of that kitchen!!!! I need to show my hubby and tell him if we had a kitchen like that I PROMISE I'd cook everynight! hahaha
    And that is so cool the park is in walking distance! Addie looks like she had a blast!

  3. I must say that kitchen is awesome! The house is super cute too, so colonial and lovely. You can just tell it is on a beautiful street and I am so jealous that that cool water park is walking distance. I am sure Addie and Blake will love going there with their cousins one day!

  4. Now there's a kitchen I could put a hurtin' on!


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