Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yay Blakey Boy!!

Well look who finally learned to sit up by himself!!!

Blake has been practicing sitting unassisted for a solid month now and I was starting to wonder if he would ever get the balancing act down. Then last night, when my mom was over visiting the kiddies, Blake sat on the floor for a solid 5 minutes playing with his toys! I couldn't believe it! He hadn't gone longer than a minute for me but all of a sudden he was doing it!!! Now today, he doesn't want to do anything but sit up and play. No jumperoo, no walker, no rolling under his gym. This little guy is all about his new-found independence. Gotta love him :-)

I was able to capture a cute video of him today and I just have to share it. As always, please disregard my obnoxious voice and Addie's request for "more apple juice" at the end :-)

I hope everyone is having a great day!!


  1. That was too cute! Up next...the crawl! No rest for you!

  2. He is such a cute little bugger...and Addie in the background is adorable!! I love those babies!!!!

  3. Ohhhh!!! I love videos!!! I love it all! Hearing your voice is cool! I have to poke fun at your accent though! I think us Washingtonians have a slight midwestern accent too. :) LOVE IT!

    Gooooo Blake!

  4. awww soo cute!! Way to go Blake!!

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