Monday, August 30, 2010

Addie & Nia's First Sleepover!

This weekend, Eric and I finally had the chance to go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary...

We were in desperate need of a date night and Mima Patti and Papa Steve offered to watch Blake and have Addie spend the night with Nia. My MIL has been wanting the girls to have a sleepover together for a long time and when we asked Addie if she wanted to stay at Mima's, she said "With Nia TOO!!!!" So we packed up her little overnight bag and sleeping bag and headed out..

Can you tell she was excited?

Personally, I think Mima was more excited than the girls :-)

The girls were SO EXCITED to get into their sleeping bags...they couldn't wait for bedtime :-)

But when bedtime came...they were over the sleeping bags. They wanted to sleep in Mima's spare bedroom instead...

And of course by sleep I mean jump on the bed :-)

A little music before bedtime never hurt anyone, so Mima let the girls play with her old guitar...

Before bed, the girls decided to cuddle up with Papa Steve...

And eat their bedtime snack. They were watching Scooby Doo and I LOVE their little laughing faces in this picture...

I wish I could say that both girls crawled into their sleeping bags and went to sleep at 8:00 p.m...but that didn't happen. I hear there was LOTS of giggling, talking, jumping and book reading before both girls finally passed out together with Mima in bed. Ha! Oh was worth a shot! And honestly, I don't think Mima minded a bit :-)

Thanks for taking the girls Mima and Papa! I am sure they will be back soon!


  1. Awe! That's too cute! I bet it was like a house full of monkeys around there!

  2. This is exactly what I want my kids to do w/their cousins!!! Too cute!

    I'm hope you guys had a great date night!

  3. That is too cute!! I LOVE their matching sleeping bags & doll's sleeping bags too.... all so cute =)

    & good for Mommy & Daddy for finally getting a date night... I'm sure it was much needed!

  4. Good for you guys for getting a night out! :) And the girls are so cute!


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