Monday, August 23, 2010

The Night I Met Harry Potter, Followed by the Day My Mom Shot a Gun

It was a crazy fun birthday weekend that started with meeting a celebrity look-a-like, followed by the funniest picture of my mom...ever. Let's start from the top shall we?

On Saturday night, we headed to Chicago to celebrate my friend Jill's 30th birthday!!! Dana and I hadn't been out to a bar in a while, so we had to call each other at least 3 times that day to figure out what we were going to wear. But then again, we did that when we were younger too. Ha! I think we all did pretty well blending in with the bar crowd. Although, I still like to call this picture "Three Moms and a Playmate"...

At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find the energy to go out on the town after a long day with the kiddies. But what I realized is that a night out was EXACTLY what I needed. Dana and I had so much fun pretending like we didn't miss the kids...and our sweat pants :-)

Getting to spend some quality time with my honey was also an added bonus of the evening :-)

So...about that celebrity sighting. When we arrived at the bar that night, I couldn't help but notice that the bar back looked just like Harry Potter. He had the hair, the glasses, the build...all that was missing was his Hogwarts uniform. I told Jill that we should get a picture with him (I was sort of joking) but like the good friend that she is, she leaned her cute little body over the bar and yelled "HEY HARRY POTTER! CAN YOU COME TAKE A PICTURE WITH US?" Once the guy caught a glimpse of Jill, he was on the other side of the bar faster than you could say "Expelliarmus".

The guy was such a good sport and said that he gets this a lot. is our Harry Potter look-a-like picture. Pretty close to the real deal wouldn't you say?

In fact, Joe was so impressed that 1) Jill had the balls to lean over the bar and call him "Harry Potter" and 2) That they guy was such a good sport about it....he shot them both the guns. And so did I. It's our thing :-)

We all had a really great night in the city and I think Jill had a FABULOUS 30th birthday :-) Now I am officially the last 29 year old in the group :-)

Speaking of Birthdays, this great weekend didn't end with our trip to the city. On Sunday, we celebrated my Mamacita's birthday at my brother Adam and SIL Diana's house. It was such a beautiful day!!! Blakey was so excited to wish his Nana a happy birthday...

And my Aunt Kathy was sooooo excited to take a picture (insert sarcasm)...

And of course, Addie was SO excited to see her Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meg...

After spending some time eating, playing and taking a cruise on the golf cart with Uncle Adam, we were ready for some presents. My mom made out like a bandit...

And so did my Grams. After all, it was her birthday too!!

In fact, all three of these sweeties celebrate their birthdays this week!! The handsome man in the middle is Richard, my Gram's boyfriend :-)

Now, what party at my SIL's house would be complete without a GORGEOUSLY DELICIOUS apple pie? I mean, what else would you expect from the Apple Pie Gal :-)

And we didn't just have apple pie. We also had cherry pie, a banana cake AND a fresh batch of cookies. I tried them all...twice :-)

And so did my daughter, who was afraid someone would take her piece of banana cake and so she shoved the whole thing in her mouth. Nice...

After dinner, dessert and playtime, the kiddies were getting a little restless so I headed home while the rest of the crew stayed to do some shootin. Yep...that's how we roll. Dinner, cake, gifts and guns. I missed all the action, but if you head on over to my SIL Di's blog, you can read the whole shootin story. All I know is that my mom, who has never fired a gun before, decided to take a turn last night. She wasn't prepared for the kick back and this was her reaction...

Notice the face, the flailing arm and the leg up. This is how my mom reacts to almost everything unexpected. I just didn't realize how funny it looked until it was captured on camera. Totally. Freaking. Hilarious. many laughs and good times packed into one weekend. And the fun of this week isn't even over! We are celebrating my niece Nia's birthday tonight and Addie seriously CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!! She has already sang Nia Happy Birthday about 50 times this morning. SO cute :-) I will be sure to post those pics tomorrow :-)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Harry Potter eat your heart out! Hermioine's got nothing on you girls!

    It's no wonder the kiddies were pooped, they have had a busy few days and another yet to come!

  2. I am so jealous you got to meet "Harry Potter" :)

    And what a fun birthday! I am drooling just thinking about all those sweets!

  3. I am not into HP but that guy does resemble what pictures I've seen! I think people have said that Brandon looks like him too when he wears his glasses... lol! Brandon used to get a lot of Clay Aiken references too! WTF! I think its the big Weedon Ears... LOL!

    How fun that you got a night out on the town! :) And I read TAPG's post and was cracking up...


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