Monday, August 2, 2010

Our New Family Pictures

Okay...I admit it. I am a little obsessed with getting our family's picture taken. I think it has something to do with never wanting to look back and think, "gosh...I wish I had more pictures of the kids at this age". Plus, the kids are both growing and changing SO MUCH that I hate letting too much time go by without updating our family picture. I am lucky though because I have a photographer for a brother. Ryan always takes such beautiful pictures of us, but whenever he isn't available (you know...because he is busy traveling the world AND moving into a new house), I always like going back to the children's portrait studio where we took Addie for her 6 month pictures. Do you remember this picture?

And this one?

Well look how much our little family has changed in just 2 short years...

Pretty amazing huh?

When we got to the studio for our pictures, the photographer said she couldn't believe how much Blake looked like Addison in her 6 month pictures. Here she is at 6 1/2 months...

And here is Blakey boy at 6 1/2 months...

I definitely see the resemblance and there is no question that these two peanuts are brother and sister. But when I look at Addie, she is ALL girl and when I look at Blake, he is ALL boy. I mean...just look at this little guy in all his picture...

This is Blake's Baby Gap ad... :-)

And this is my favorite picture of him from the day. It just captures his little personality so well...

Of course, while we were there, I really wanted to get an updated picture of the kids together. Addie wasn't feeling like smiling that day (as you will notice in almost all of the pics), but she at least posed for the camera. Here are some of my favorites of them together...

I love this picture because you can see how long Addie's hair is getting! To think she was a total baldie the last time we were at the studio...

This wasn't even meant to be a picture of the kids together. Blake was starting to get fussy and Addie walked over to try and make him happy. The photographer was just quick enough to capture this moment. So precious...

While Blake and I took a little nursing break, Addie got to play with a balloon and the photographer was able to capture two really darling pics of her...

One thing I told Eric I really wanted was some pictures of the kids with each of us alone. For example, I wanted a Mommy/Daughter picture...

And a Mommy/Son picture...

And even though we planned to only get a few of Eric with each of the kids, we ended up getting a TON of them together because the kids cooperated so well for him. Go figure :-) Here are some of my favorites of Eric and Addie...

I know I should be talking about how precious Addie looks in this next picture, but all I can think about is how HOT my husband looks! Haha! I don't know what it is... but there is just something so sexy about a man with his children.

This is my absolute FAVORITE!!! It's the perfect Daddy/Daughter moment...

We also got some fantastic Daddy/Son shots as well...

Tell me Blake is not a total clone of Eric :-)

Considering how much work it was to get an active 2 1/2 year old and a 6 1/2 month old to cooperate for the camera at the same time...I would say we got some wonderful shots. I am very happy with all of our pictures and I am so glad we have all these beautiful memories to look back on. Now...I promise you won't see new family pics for at least...well...3 months. What? Ryan has to take some fall pictures of us again so that we have something new for our Christmas cards :-) Duh!


  1. With so many to choose from, how the heck do you decide??? Those are really awesome pics! Not a bad one in the bunch!

  2. I love family pics! You can never have enough! Especially because most shoots are so creative now days! Your bro does an awesome job so can't wait to see thos this fall!

    Oh yeah, Blake is a total mini-Eric! :)

  3. Those are adorable! I have always liked black/white pics...classic. :)

    *check your email

  4. These pictures are amazing!! What a terrific photo studio!!

  5. So beautiful! You all are so gorgeous! Your smile is so sweet! And I just want to squeeze both of them!

  6. wow! very beautiful family portrait ^_^

    and the photographer surely able to capture the precious moments! love it :)

  7. I love the one where she's kissing his head! So precious!!!

  8. you have a beautiful family!!

  9. Awww I haven't been to your blog in so long; Blake is getting so big! Those pictures are absolutely adorable; what a beautiful family :)

    The one where Addie is kissing Blake's head is beyond precious :)


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