Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sprinkle and Some Fishing

See this beautiful mama?

That's my BFF Tara and she is due with two sweet baby girls in just 3 MONTHS!!! They will most likely come sooner, which means this mama has a LOT to do. And since Tara lives a few hours away, I can't be there to help her in all the ways that I would like. Sure, I can be her over-the-phone emotional support...but in terms of getting her house ready to welcome TWO new babies...I can't exactly offer much help. But, after spending numerous hours on the phone trying to convince her to let me throw her a "Sprinkle" shower, Tara reluctantly agreed. And now that the day has come and gone, I know Tara is really happy she did :-)

In case you have never heard of one before, a "Sprinkle Shower" is a shower thrown for Mamas who already have one (or more) children. A lot of times, people throw sprinkles for moms having another baby of the opposite sex (so that they can receive some new clothing) or in this case...when a mom is pregnant with multiples. When Tara found out that she was pregnant with twins, I immediately offered to throw her a sprinkle. Of course she told me no because she thought she may be able to use some of her son's old baby stuff. But, when Tara found out she was having two GIRLS...she thought twice about my offer.

The idea behind this type of shower is just to "sprinkle" the mama with smaller gifts like diapers and clothing. is the wording I ended up using on her invitation (just in case you are planning to throw a sprinkle yourself)...

At a sprinkle, you are suppose to serve a lighter menu, typically just appetizers and cake. BUT...I sort of have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to party planning. So I did a lunch instead :-)

Along with some cupcakes of course...

And because this was a party afterall, I just had to put up a few decorations...

What shower...or sprinkle rather...wouldn't be complete without a baby clothes line? These are the outfits I got for the girls to come home in and my mom knitted matching hats. Aren't they precious??

I was actually stressing big time about the fact that I would have to have enough tables and chairs for 20 guests, but once you clear all the furniture out of my living room (and put it in the garage) there was plenty of room!

I have been to a lot of showers in the past where people had little cards on the table for guests to fill in pieces of advice for the new mother. But since this is a sprinkle and Tara is already a mommy, I decided to try something different. I actually had all the guests fill out little coupon cards...

Some gave her coupons for a night of babysitting, some offered her a meal, some offered her a night out (with lots of wine), and so on. These little coupon cards were super easy to make and it was a great little piece to have on the table. Plus, I think Tara will be very appreciative of these coupons in 3 months :-) But she will have to use them in the time allowed. They expire in 2028 (when the girls are 18. Ha!)

Now, even though I went a little overboard on the sprinkle, all of Tara's fabulous friends and family went WAY overboard on gifts. They got her a ton of fantastic things for the girls...

And here I am modeling the babies hats inappropriately :-)

After the sprinkle was over, it was time for a few pictures. Here is Auntie Tara with her Godbaby Blake...

And here we are...Best Friends Forever (Tara even got me a friendship bracelet to prove it :-)

There is absolutely NOW WAY I would have been able to host this shower without two very important ladies in my life...My Mamacita and SIL Dana. My mom was Blake's "Baby Nurse" the entire shower and Dana helped me with everything from clearing plates, passing out cake, cleaning up wrapping paper, breaking down tables at the end, etc. So, here is a HUGE THANK YOU to my little helpers...

And speaking of helpers, I guess I need to thank Eric too because he took Addie on a very special Daddy/Daughter outing during Tara's Sprinkle. Can you guess what they did...

Oh little princess caught her first fish!!!! Eric was excited all week waiting to take her fishing and to the beach. We even went and bought her own Disney fishing pole. She had such a blast. And in true Eric fashion, they both ate their lunch in the back of his pick-up truck...

Mommy also snuck in a little treat for the two of them. Fishing and cupcakes...I don't think she could have asked for a better day.

Well, that is until she got home and realized that her BOYFRIEND had come to visit!!! Her and Connor were so happy to see each other.

Its hard to believe that the next time these two are together, there will be TWO more babies in the mix!! But I think it will work out great...Addie and Connor will be together and Blake can have his pick of the twins. But, if he is like most men, I am sure he will take them both. Ha!!

Thanks for letting me throw you a sprinkle Tara!!! I love any excuse to get you and the family up here. I can't wait to meet your little girls. Not much longer to go honey!!!!


  1. Such a cute idea! I love the coupons!!!

  2. Very cute idea. Love the pics from the 'shower'.

  3. I had such a great time yesterday! Thank you thank you again for a wonderful sprinkle!
    Did you notice Blakey's hand on my belly when I was holding him--he was "talking" to his girlfriends. :)

  4. Those are some really great ideas! Loved the wording on the invite, coupon was AWESWOME! I am sure Tare will totally appreciate that...her my coupon is in the mail...but don't hold out for it! Ha! Tara...Congrats girl!

    And what is up with he a man whore already??

  5. How cute!! What an awesome idea, looks like you did such a great job!! =) You are so sweet!

  6. AND... I LOVE the hats your mom knitted to match their going home outfits, I'll definitely have to check out her Etsy sight for our some hats for our little boy in January!! =)


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