Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6 Reasons I Think I Deserve a Glass of Wine Tonight

There wasn't anything particularly awful about today, but the culmination of a lot of little things going wrong has left me in desperate need of a glass of wine tonight. Let me know if you think I've earned it...

1. I set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. with the intention of running before Eric left for work today. He had to go in earlier than usual but I thought I could swing it. Not the case. It was still dark outside and I just couldn't find the motivation. So I hit snooze and went back to sleep...for exactly 6 minutes. Then Blake woke up ready to start the day. Well...at least my alarm woke someone up.

2. Addison was up at 5:45 to start the day. I had no idea why she was up so early, but when I went into her room, I realized I put her to bed without a pull-up. She is fully potty trained during the day but at night, she still sleeps in her pull-up since she can't get out of the crib to go to the bathroom (this is yet another reason to move to the big girl bed I see). So, I changed bed linens at 6:00 a.m. Not fun.

3. At 6:15, I realized I was out of coffee pods for my Keurig. All I had left were decaf pods. DECAF!!!! And Starbucks doesn't deliver.

4. Because of our early wake-ups, naps were out of whack. When one was up, the other was asleep. There was no down time for this mama today.

5. Because I didn't run in the morning, I had to run this evening. It was still 92 degrees at 8:00 p.m. but I thought the breeze would make it a little better. Not so much. It was the most miserable run EVER!!! My face is still red two hours later.

6. And finally...the real topper to my not-so-fabulous day. Our basement freezer went out sometime this weekend. We have no idea when because we were busy at weddings and baptisms and what not. It wasn't until I went down tonight to get some chicken out for dinner that I realized it. Normally, we wouldn't be out too much food because we use to just keep a bag of frozen chicken breasts, some vegetables, and a few bags of ice in there.

BUT...now that I have started planning out our monthly dinner menu, I have been doing my best to stock up on meat when it is on sale. And thanks to my fabulous mother-in-law who ALWAYS calls me with the great sales of the week, I had a nice supply of ground beef, potroast, ribs and chicken breasts. Eric and I also treated ourselves to some king crab legs that we planned to eat for our anniversary in a few weeks. And in addition to all that, I had a big bag of chicken nuggets for Addie, a few frozen pizzas, some ice cream for the shower I am throwing this weekend and a few bags of breastmilk. There was anywhere from $250-$300 worth of food in that freezer and it is ALL GONE!!!!!!!!! Everything was warm. Nothing was even salvageable to cook and save tonight. I could literally just cry thinking about the 3 weeks worth of dinners that are sitting in the garbage now. And if that doesn't bring me to tears, thinking about my delicious crab legs will :-(

So...what do you think? Did I earn a glass of wine?

P.S. Sorry to be Debbie Downer tonight. I appreciate all of you letting me cry that out. I promise to be back in a much better mood tomorrow :-)


  1. Definitely! I had quite a day myself! Emma was up at 6:30 roaring to go (she usually sleeps until 8), Sam's shots and issues with our health insurance! I treated myself to some pop, which I'm trying really hard to cut out. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  2. Oh, so sorry. Wine night fosho! :) I think of you on all of my double baby days... woah. This is a whole new ball game for this Auntie! Both are teething, one wonders wtf happened to her super auntie who played all day & took her to the park and the other is a 25 minute napper. Oh, did I mention he fights his naps for 30 minutes? I think that makes the naps counter productive... oh, the highlights of today are: I learned not to rock babies to sleep on your chest while wearing a V Neck (healthy dose of spit up filled my ample underwire... I also am pulling a double as in parents came home @ five and I arrive at work at 530... closing time is two am! Whew!

    Ok, rant over. Loves my babies! Bought a twin stroller on CL today so next double baby day I can take them to the park!!! Yay! Freeee at laaaassst!

    Good luck tomorrow, SMJ! (Super Mama Jen, of course!)

  3. a glass??? I think you deserve a bottle! and a bubble bath :0)
    Our spare freezer went out a few weeks ago too and we lost a TON of chicken breast and steak! And I wanted to cry too! We actually just replaced the fridge yesterday.
    Hope your day is better today :0)

  4. BOTTLE seems more reasonable!

  5. Hey...where was the call to come feast??? See if I ever bring my freezer sna-fu to your house again! So, you know I feel your frustration. Ready to learn how to 'can' yet???

  6. But the biggest loss, Jenn, was the breastmilk! It's a precious commodity. I hope your hubby shares a glass of wine with you - it always tastes better when shared!

  7. Oh no! I'm so upset for you about the freezer thing. :( That really sucks!!!


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