Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Randomness

I think posts that are filled with a bunch of random thoughts and information are best organized in bullet format. goes...

* I have a little tip for all you parents of toddlers looking for something fun to do for an hour that is totally free. Two words....PET STORE...

I had to run some errands this morning and I promised Addie that if she cooperated, I would take her to see the fishies. Well, that turned into seeing the doggies, and birdies, and bunnies, and snakes (sick), and hamsters, etc. This was a really fun way to spend our morning and Addie and Blake BOTH had a great time....

Note to self...when the kids are rowdy and there is nothing better to do...head to the pet store. ready for the kids to add a fish, bunny and frog to their Christmas list :-)

* Tonight is my faculty dinner and workshop at the college and I am SO EXCITED!!!! I know a lot of other teachers are dreading going back right now but I am really looking forward to it. I love being home with my kids and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. But to have one night a week to myself to do adult things is really important to me. I haven't taught since last fall (since I took the spring semester off after Blake's birth) and I didn't think I would miss it as much as I did. I think the little break each week will be good for everyone, including Eric who gets to play "Super Dad" tonight and give the kids dinner, baths and bedtime routines all by himself!!

* My poor little Addie is still suffering from a few muscle spasms here and there so the doctor said the next step for us is to either see a chiropractor, or go to physical therapy. She warned me that toddlers don't always respond well to PT, so we are opting for the chiropractor at this point. I found a great doctor who is a certified pediatric chiropractor (and was also referred to me by my cousin-in-law Katie) and we have our first appointment with him tomorrow. I hope he has some answers for us :-) If this doesn't work...a CT will be in our future and I really, really want to avoid it. If you have time to say a little prayer for her...I would much appreciate it :-)

* On a less serious note, I am on the last week of my C25K program and will "graduate" after my run on Friday or Saturday!!!!!! Don't worry, I will be giving you all the details on my Week 9 update, but just know that I have completed two, 3 mile runs this week. Oh yeah!!!

* And finally, speaking of fitness, I have a little confession to make. I feel like if I say it out loud (or rather write it down and post it for all of you) I will be forced to do something about it. goes. Even though I have definitely been noticing a change in my body from running, I have not really lost any significant weight. We are talking maybe 2 pounds total. I am a little surprised by this and Eric keeps telling me it is because I am building muscle. And that may be the case. But after eating two leftover cupcakes yesterday and eating a greasy burger for dinner last night, I decided to plug in all of my food for the day in Weight Watchers to see what my points total was. Take in mind that for a nursing mom trying to lose weight, I need to keep it at 32 points a day. For a nursing mom trying to maintain weight, I need to keep it at 36 points a day. Can you guess how many points I ate yesterday? 52. 52 FREAKING POINTS!!! And it wasn't even on a big splurge of a meal or something. It was on junk. Cupcakes, ranch dip with my veggies, a croissant sandwich for lunch, 2 cheese sticks, some ice cream after supper, and a cafe mocha. Oh yeah, and the big greasy cheeseburger. I felt so disgusted with myself today I decided I needed to watch my points for the next two weeks just so I can reprogram my brain. I know I am not eating that many points every day, but it was still enough of a wake-up call to make me get back in check.

Alright...I guess that is enough randomness for one day! I just thought I would do a mind dump for all of you so that I can go to my faculty workshop with a clear head tonight :-) I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday!!!


  1. I am sure Uncle Ado could accomodate the doggie!

    Chiro will be great...fingers crossed!

    If you really want to lose some weight, come on over...weeds are a FANTASTIC workout. 12 lbs down sista!

  2. Isn't the pet store great? We discovered that free activity midsummer and we go at least once a week! LOVE IT!

    I just started the C25K..are you going to do their follow-up program the C25K to 10K?

    Can you run the full 30 minutes now without falling over dead? I'm only on day 2 (tomorrow)..the first one was pretty easy, but I'm also on a treadmill b/c of bad knees..I imagine that makes it a little better than running on pavement. I do use the incline though!

    I'm sure the pounds will start falling off of you...but doesn't matter, you look awesome in your pictures!


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