Wednesday, August 11, 2010

X-Rays and Ice Cream Cones

About a month ago, Eric and the kids and I attended a friend's daughter's birthday party. Like most kids parties these days, they had a HUGE bouncy house. As you all know, bouncing is Addie's favorite thing to do. She even owns her own bouncy house for crying out loud! So I honestly wasn't worried about letting her go in the bouncy house without me. She jumped while Eric and I ate at a table near by. But then when I saw three or four 7-year-olds get into the jumpy with her, I got a little nervous. I still stayed out of the house, but I tried to watch her through the mesh. I could see that the boys were getting a little rowdy and all the younger kids like Addie were flopping around like fish. They were having a blast, so I let it go for a little while and just reminded the boys to be careful of the little ones. After another 10 minutes, Addie came out and said she wanted to eat. So that was the end of the bouncy house for the day. There was no crying. No complaining of any "ouchies". And the rest of the party, she ran around the yard like a crazy chic.

But the next day, while Addie was playing with me in the living room, she suddenly grabbed at her neck and screamed out in pain. She did that silent, build-up cry that is only used when she is really, REALLY upset or hurt. I asked her what was wrong and she said her neck hurt. A minute later, the crying stopped and she was dancing to Little Einsteins. I was so was like the whole neck pain thing didn't even happen! So I let it go, thinking she just turned her neck a funny way and it caused a pinch. But when it happened a few more times over the next week, I decided to call the pediatrician. His recommendation was to wait it out for a few more weeks to see if the muscle would heal itself. But, if the pain continued for longer then that, I was suppose to call back.

Well, it has been a month since the party and just yesterday, while Addie was tipping her head back to take a drink of water, she grabbed her neck again and cried out in pain. The crying only lasted a minute, like usual, and then she was over it. Eric and I have both tried feeling her neck to see if there are any sensitive spots or knots in her muscles but we couldn't find anything. So, it was off to the pedi's office today. The doc was a little worried that the pain reoccurred so many times this month, but she wasn't able to feel anything in her neck or shoulders either. So she encouraged us to go to the hospital to have some x-rays done to rule out any fractures or disc problems. I was really worried about Addie sitting still for the x-rays but to my surprise, she did SO WELL!!!! She was even laughing and singing the ABC's for the nurse. I treated her to ice cream for being such a good girl...

Our pedi just called a little while ago with the results of her x-rays and it looks like all is good. No fractures or disc problems that they could see. However, something on the x-ray showed evidence of a muscle spasm so we are all hoping that is all it is. She is going to be on ibuprofen for the next 5 days and if the pain comes back at any point while she is on it, the doctor is going to order a CT scan. But if the pain doesn't come back, our next step will be to give it a little more time to heal. I HATE not knowing for sure what is wrong with my peanut, but at this point I am just going to be thankful that the x-rays came back okay.

Has anyone ever had a pulled muscle or pinched nerve that bothers them for weeks or months? Anyone else have a toddler that has complained of neck pain? I guess I am just looking for some information to keep me from going on WebMD. Because seriously...we ALL know what happens when I go on that site. Ha! I just hate when my babies get ouchies and I can't do anything to fix them :-(


  1. Awww! Poor little one!! :( Hope she heals quickly!

  2. Yes'm...pinched nerve/back out of line doesn't go away over night sweet cheeks! Poor little baby girl! At least she got some ice cream! "Cheeeeeese" :)


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