Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Can't Out Run Mother Nature

Yesterday, courtesy of a ginormous lightening bolt that struck our backyard, Eric and I were without phone, cable and internet. The peace and quiet was surprisingly nice, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't like a kid on Christmas morning when the cable man arrived today :-)

But my happiness was only short-lived when I remembered that this lightening bold not only took out our cable box, but also damaged ANOTHER beautiful tree in our yard...

Damn you storms!!! Leave my trees alone!!

As you can see, the lightening bolt did a pretty good number on our tree, stripping off a whole side of bark. It also struck our newly stained fence (cracking a few boards) and it literally blew up one of my lilies...

There were pieces of tree bark and lily ALL over our backyard yesterday and I guess I should be lucky that's all it did. The lightening struck only 20 feet from our bedroom window and the noise was so loud, Eric and I were sure a piece of our house had blown up. I have never heard/felt anything like that in my life. Scared us both shitless. Although, both of my children who typically wake up at the sound of a pin dropping, didn't hear a thing. Go figure :-)

I guess I am happy the kids didn't hear it because that crazy flash and boom haunted me all day yesterday. It was scary stuff. I never realized just how dangerous lightening could be until I saw it first hand. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it!!

Now, you would think that with this new-found fear of lightening, I wouldn't be tempted to go running with a storm watch in effect. thought wrong. This morning was my "run day" and when I woke up and looked outside, I saw the sun shining through a few clouds. It looked beautiful and I really wasn't concerned about the weather. But just to be sure, Eric pulled up the radar and sure enough, there was a storm watch in effect for our area and we could clearly see the yellow, green and red blog inching toward us. According to the futurecast radar...the storm wouldn't be to our neck of the woods for another 40 minutes or so. Well, I only needed 30 minutes to complete my run and I could technically do my cool down in the house if I had to. So that really left me with 15 minutes of buffer time. Plus, the storm would probably start out with just some light rain first. Right??

WRONG!! When I stepped out of the house, I could still see the sun. In fact, I saw the sun for the entire first mile I ran. I saw other bikers and joggers at first and then all of a sudden...the streets went silent. I didn't see any runners. Or bikers. Or even cars for that matter. And then I looked to my right and saw it...A huge, black wall of clouds coming towards me. I immediately turned around, but realized I was a mile from home. So I started running. Fast.

I could still see the black wall in the distance and as long as there was still some sun above me, I thought I was fine. But when I reached the half mile mark, the sun completely disappeared. And then I saw it...lightening. In the distance. Coming towards me. My heart kicked into overdrive and I started to sprint. I was running as fast as my damn legs would go and it was still not as fast as the clouds blowing in. I started freaking out and looking for cars to flag down on the road. But there was no one. Not a single freaking car. So I started running faster yet and ripped my iPhone off my armband and dialed Eric. Oh yeah, OUR PHONE WAS OUT!!! So I called his answer. Awesome. So I kept running.

A few seconds later I heard the thunder, and saw more lightening. The wind was whipping around my head and the trees were bending. I just kept telling myself that I was fine until the rain started. And then the rain started. I looked around and tried to decide which neighbors door I could knock on to go inside if I had to. Note to self...introduce yourself to more neighbors.

Finally, I could see our street in the distance and I started running through people's backyards. I must have looked like a crazy person, hurdling bushes and tripping over sticks on the ground. But when the lightening got closer and the thunder got louder, I started having visions in my head.

My poor tree...BAM

My exploded Lily...BAM

That's it. I was a goner. I was going to have my bark stripped and Eric would find me in the street naked with really frizzy hair. And damn it...I was only two weeks away from completing my running program! I couldn't die now!

So I ran even faster, panting like a dog, and I finally made it to my house. Safe and sound. When I came in, I expected to find a very nervous Eric waiting at the door for me. But he wasn't there. He was in the shower. And when he got out, and I was laying on the floor, soaked, trying to catch my breath, he said "How was the run?"

My sensitive husband ladies and gentleman!! Haha! But seriously, we did have a good laugh when we listened to the 5 minute voicemail on his phone of me running and panting. Apparently when I called him, I didn't end the call and it recorded the last 5 minutes of my frantic run. Ahhh...thank God that wasn't my last phone call because it was pretty embarrassing. Ha!

So...was that story dramatic enough for you? Eric keeps laughing at me for being so worked up but I seriously don't remember the last time I was that scared of a storm. But I learned a very important lesson today: YOU CAN'T OUT RUN MOTHER NATURE. She will always be smarter and faster. Although, I am still pretty impressed with my adrenalin-induced 9 minute mile :-) Thanks for pushing me to the next level Mother Nature! But please, PLEASE leave the rest of my trees alone! Thanks :-)


  1. Too funny! But glad you're are you ready to run a 5k?!

  2. I'm sorry about your trees!! Horrible lightening!!

  3. Ha! Well apparently Mother Nature wanted you to step it up a bit! And at this rate, Eric is never going to have any squirrels in the damn yard!

  4. I'm sorry about the trees...but thank you so much for such a good laugh..I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!! I'm glad you're ok and beat the storm home! Now I'm going to have hubby read your blog! Have a good night!!


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