Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Addie is 2 1/2 Years Old!

When I looked at Addie's little ticker on the side of my blog today, I almost got a tear in my eye when I realized that my BABY girl is already 2 1/2 years old!!!!! How is that even possible? One minute she is this tiny, fat, bald-headed, giggly little peanut, and now she is this blonde, sassy, string bean that I love more than life itself. There is no question about it...my baby is a big girl now...

The last 6 months have gone by so incredibly fast. At her second birthday...Addie was just stringing 2 and 3 words together at a time. You still couldn't make out 50% of what she was saying (and sometimes you still can't :-) but she has become the biggest chatter box EVER!!! I have absolutely no idea where she gets that from...Ha! And in addition to her growing vocabulary, she has also learned how to use sarcasm effectively. Again...I have absolutely no idea where she gets that from :-)

Now, when I say that Addie is a "big girl", I mean that in almost every way possible now. She is fully potty trained (and has been for a while) and as of last week, she is now sleeping in her very own big girl bed!!!! I read back over the comments you all left me when I was contemplating the switch and I took some of your advice. I started talking to Addie about big girl beds and asked her if she was ready for one. She didn't even hesitate before she screamed, "My own BIG GIRL BED?! Woohoo!!" So it was settled. But my next decision was to either use her crib as a toddler bed, or just move to a full size real big girl bed. Here is what we chose...

I promise to post some better pictures of her new bed once Nana finishes the quilt she is making her :-) Addie absolutely LOVES her big girl bed and to be honest...so do I :-) I love being able to crawl in with her to read books at night and she loves being able to get in and out of bed herself. Surprisingly, this hasn't caused a huge problem for us yet. She has only come out of her room during 1 nap time and 1 bed time since we put it up a week ago. I know there will be more nights to come, but so far she has been doing really well. I knew it was time to switch, especially since she was so excited about it, and now she loves showing off her new bed to everyone that comes over :-)

And speaking of showing off, Addie has also become quite the fashionista. She loves trying on clothes, putting on her play earrings, wearing my shoes, ect. I was totally into playing dress up when I was a little girl and I see that she is going to be the same way. This makes me happy too because I have held on to lots of random "dress up" clothes and accessories over the years and I am glad they will be put to some use. Although, I hope we can overcome the desire to wear Tinkerbell wings and shoes everywhere we go (a big thanks to Nana for buying us our Tinkerbell Halloween costume 2 months early :-)

And if it's not Tinkerbell that Addie wants to watch these days...it's "Monsters". She looooooooves watching Scooby Doo and Monsters Inc. Not sure how she got on this monster kick...but she thinks they are great. And of course, Ratatouille will go down as one of her all time favorites. I find it funny that someone so girly could love rats and monsters. Go figure :-)

In terms of growth, Addie is still in the 100th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight (she just reached 30 pounds). I think it is safe to say that she is going to be long and lanky like her mommy and daddy used to be. Ha!

I really can't wait to see what the next 6 months hold for my little peanut. She will be taking her first dance class this fall and it is a solo class without mommy so that she can get use to being away from me. We have to start preparing for preschool!! She will be taking the class with Nia and Audrey though so I am hoping that makes the transition a little smoother. Don't worry...there will be lots of dance pictures to come.

Happy 2 1/2 Birthday baby cakes! I love you more than words can say :-)


  1. Happy 2 & 1/2 birthday Addie and mama!! :) You should be so proud of your little girl!

  2. That is the cutest picture of our peanut! Yes, she is growing too quickly. Chatterbox? Ya think? Does waking up in Nana's bed at 3:30am and ready to "chat" justify being a chatterbox?? I'll take it!! Love that little girl!

  3. AHHHHH, can't believe how big she has gotten! Its been awhile, I know, but I'm back in the game. Just can't believe that is the same little girl I remember from the beginning of the summer!

  4. aw... she is just way too cute, and has one cool big girl bed!! Happy Birthday sweet Addie!!

  5. I can't believe how big she is! I'm giggling at her sarcastic tendencies. I can't imagine where she would have gotten those from... also giggling at the image of her waking Nanacita up in the middle of the night to chat it up, lol!

    I can't believe I've been following your blog for so long!

  6. She is so cute! I love her blonde locks and her new big girl bed is adorable! Glad to hear things are going well in the department! Yay!

  7. Geeze they have a way of making us feel old!

    And I love the big girl bed!


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