Monday, September 20, 2010

Addie's Ballet Class Week 2: Not Feelin It Today

Its official...I totally don't understand kids. For the past week, all Addie has talked about is dance class. She couldn't wait to put on her leotard today and pose for a few pictures...

She told this guy ALL about her class, her teacher, her new friend Ava, her new ballet shoes, etc. Poor Blake was so sick of hearing about dance class he actually took off down the hall. Ha!

I told Addie to get up and show me what she does in dance class. She said, "I put my hands on my hips"...

"And sing weal loud!"

And then she twirled and twirled until she almost puked. She was having so much fun I couldn't wait to get her cute little butt to class.

While the girls waited, Addie was in great spirits. She was showing Nia Tinkerbell on mommy's phone...

And then talking to Molly and Nia about how she is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween...

Like I said, she was totally happy to be at class with all her friends. But when Miss Mindy called the girls back for class, I saw the hesitation in her step...

She still continued into the room but after about 30 seconds of having the door shut, I heard someone start crying. I was praying it wasn't Addie, but sure was. The rule at dance class is that if the kids are crying, they have to come out of the room so they don't upset the other kids. So I brought her out, talked to her about why she was scared, and all she could say was, "I want da Mama." Poor babe :-(

So I spent the next 30 minutes trying to gradually move her back into the room. First we stood at the door together and watched, then we crept inside and sat on the floor. Then we started doing the moves while sitting together in the back of the room. And then finally she stood up and jumped in line. I was just about to make my exit when she saw me and down came the tears. So rather than take her out again, I just jumped in line too. I did all of the activities and dances with the girls today and by the end of class, Addie was hanging with all her girlfriends, pretending like I wasn't even there.

I am not sure what got into her today, especially since she hasn't been clingy to me in so long, but oh well. By the very end she was fine and when we talked on the way home I asked if she wanted to stop going to dance class and she said, "NO MAMA!!! Addie loves dance class." I guess we will see how true that is come next week :-)


  1. Awww poor little one!! And poor mama!!! Hang in there!!

  2. aww poor thing!!! I hope she grows to like it :)

  3. These post which you can share is really very great. Here some of the pictures which you can share over here is really very great these all are great to know about it.

  4. She looks so cute! She'll startb to love it I'm sure!

  5. That is such a sweet story! What a great mama you are for what you did! I bet the other girls just loved that you joined in! I know I would have loved it if my mom did that!


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