Saturday, September 4, 2010

Addie's MRI Day

I am lucky to have several wonderful nurses in my family. My SIL Dana and Aunt Kathy happen to be my own personal "on-call" nurses and trust me...I take advantage of this luxury. I call them with any and every random question I have because they are both patient, and they never make me feel crazy...even if I am acting that way.

So when I talked to my SIL Dana and my Aunt Kathy about Addie's MRI, they both were pretty certain that the docs and/or nurses would give her some drugs BEFORE the IV to help keep her calm. This comforted me because I really didn't want to see this happy face go away...

The first half hour in Peds was great. They had this fabulous (sterilized) playroom that Addie could run around in while we waited for her test. She was laughing and playing and I almost thought...for a split second...that her good mood would make this process easier.

BUT...I was wrong. Turns out they don't give kids any medication before the IV when they are just being sedated for a test. I never fully understood why...but it was their policy. They assured me that the IV was the hardest part and once it was over...everything would be fine. And for the most part it was. The IV was just as awful as I suspected it would be. I don't know if being restrained hurt more than the actual needle, but Addie screamed the whole time. But as soon as it was over, she was singing "Wheels on the Bus" as they pushed her down for the MRI.

I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief because I knew the hard part was over. The IV was in, she was flying high, and I saw nothing but smiles when I left her. And when she came back from her MRI, she was just waking up and seemed perfectly content. That is...until the drugs wore off.

I have never witnessed a drug addict go through withdrawal, but I think I caught a glimpse yesterday. My sweet, sedated little angel went from peaceful to psychotic in about 60 seconds. She was crying, screaming, hitting, scratching, you name it. If she was a rockstar, she would have been slamming guitars against the wall screaming the F-word. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both.

First I cried...

And then I laughed...

It was all too much for the both of us. I didn't think she was ever going to calm down after her fit but eventually she did. We walked her out to the car, bought her an ice cream cone, and all was right with the world :-) She spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside and then took a WONDERFUL nap. It was like the whole morning never happened. Ice cream cured her trauma, and wine cured mine :-) starts the waiting game. We won't know the results until FRIDAY, but I am hoping the week flies by. Thank you all for praying for her and keeping us in your thoughts. I will be sure to let you know the results when they are in. But in the mean time, I hope you all enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weekend! We have lots of fun planned and I will be back to share a bunch of pics on Monday :-)


  1. I really think what Dana and Aunt Kathy meant with regards to the drugs before the IV...were for you!

    Maybe you just misunderstood them??? you know sista!

  2. ah so sorry, I bet it was so hard!! Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. Oh, poor thing! I can imagine how things went in that room! Praying that all is well when the reports get back.

    Have fun this weekend!

  4. UGH! Sorry you had to see her like that :( But keeping my fingers crossed for her results!

  5. I am so sorry that Addie had to go through that and that you and Eric had see her go through it. But I will be praying that the results will bring you peace. It will be worth it to know for sure.


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