Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Birthday Surprise

With my 30th birthday still 2 weeks away, I never imagined that the "date night" my SIL Dana and I planned would turn out to be a SURPRISE PARTY!!!

I walked into one of my favorite restaurants last night to find a gorgeous table filled with balloons, picture boards...

And all of my favorite girls :-)

My mom, MIL Patti, and SILs Dana and Diana threw me the BEST party ever...

They also showered me with some amazing gifts. In addition to a lot of great giftcards (for buying new clothes) and some money to put towards my treadmill fund...I got new perfume, a new book on running, some cute socks (I totally love socks), some Honeycrisp apples...

A bunch of HILARIOUS cards...

I also got this beautiful quilt from my mamacita...

She made me this quilt out of all my favorite t-shirts from junior high, high school and college. She started it several years ago and was waiting for an excuse to finish it. I have to say...it was well worth the wait. I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!

After gifts and a BUNCH of laughs...we decided to dive into my cupcake tower...

I insisted we skip the "Happy Birthday" song, but no one listened. And since we didn't have candles, Dana provided a lighter so I could still make my wish :-)

I am not sure what my favorite part of the night was...being completely surprised, indulging in yummy food and drinks, or just getting some alone time with my girls. I guess I should just answer all of the above. It was such a wonderful surprise and even though I still wish I would have taken more time to get ready (haha), I am so happy to have all these fun memories to look back on.

Thank you SO MUCH Mama, Patti, Dana and Diana for throwing me such a wonderful party! I love you girls so very much. And to all my other family and friends who made their way out to celebrate with me (or were there in spirit), thank you, thank you, thank you :-) And Mama...thanks for going against everything I know and actually keeping a secret from me. HA! And finally to Eric, who I yelled at before leaving the house last night, thank you for not being mad at me when I got home and for working so hard to make this party happen. I love you very much :-)

Ahh...only two weeks until the big 3-0!! What a great way to start the celebration!


  1. That's awesome!

    Oh, you are young :) Enjoy it!

  2. Aww, how sweet!!! Looks like a great time & a great way to kick off the 30th celebration!!! =)

  3. Fun!!! That's awesome that they pulled off a surprise! :)

  4. How fun is a surprise party! Only that makes me 9 years older than you so maybe we wouldn't be BFF's because you wouldn't want an old lady as a friend! love the blog look! so great!!

  5. Well Chelle, personally I think 9 years older just makes us wiser and OK maybe a bit saggy :)

    Jen, so glad we pulled the wool over ya! HA!

  6. How awesome!! Happy early birthday to YOU! :)


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