Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blake is 9 Months Old!!!

See this cute little bugger?

Well he is 9 MONTHS OLD!!! Can you even believe it? We had his 9 month well-baby check today and he weighed 20 pounds and was 29 1/2 inches long!!! Looks like he is going to end up being long and lanky like his sister as soon as he burns off the rest of his precious baby fat. Although, I hope that sticks around for a while because I LOVE his meaty little cheeks and thighs :-)

These days...Blake is crazy about his sister. I guess it's a good thing too because he really doesn't have a choice. Addie needs to know where Blake is 24/7 and she usually won't do anything without bringing him with. It's kind of sweet really :-) Just look at the two of them out for a walk...

I love that Blake can chill in his wagon now...

Although, I think sometimes he wishes that the wagon was a single-seater so that he could avoid all the mauling...

But then again, it doesn't just happen in the wagon. Blake gets mauled by Addie on a daily basis. But really...does it look like he minds?

In addition to becoming best friends with his sister, Blake has also taken a HUGE liking to animals. He is all over Howie most days and when we go to visit my cousin-in-law Katie, he is ALL OVER their dog Gunner...

Maybe it's just because Gunner is so soft and cuddly...

Or maybe it's because Gunner is such a great listener...

Either way...Blake loves his doggies :-)

And speaking of likes, Mr. B is all about food lately. He is addicted to Baby Mum-Mums, crackers, Gerber Pinwheels, Yogurt melts...and pretty much anything he can eat on his own. He isn't in love with pureed baby food anymore, so I am trying to start incorporating chunkier foods and some more table food. He ate some whipped potatoes the other night and was in heaven. I just need to bust out some of my old baby cookbooks and get creative again. I have really been lacking in that department lately because making one meal for dinner has become hard enough, let alone making a separate meal for Blake. But I can tell that I am going to be left with no choice soon :-)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by how much Blake is eating these days, considering he crawls and explores NON STOP! We are over the jumperoo and exersaucer, which I am secretly happy about because I can finally get them out of my family room. But...this means that there is no longer a place to restrain him. He is totally independent now which means my days just got that much busier. He has also grown out of his baby carrier so we will be switching him to his "big boy" carseat this weekend. Gosh...I just can't believe we are already at this point!!! He is such a big boy!!!

But don't worry...he is still holding on to a few baby traits. You NOT SLEEPING THE NIGHT!!! We were making a lot of progress in this department a while back. Cry it out was going well and he was really only waking up one time a night to eat and then go back to bed. But this past month, we have regressed. He is waking up 1-3 times a night again but I really think this has a lot to do with the 3 new teeth we cut this month!!! Blake has a total of 8 teeth now!!! The kid can chew steak for crying out loud! Our pediatrician said that he should be done with teeth for a little while now so hopefully we will go back to making some progress :-) This should improve a lot too when I quit nursing in a couple of months.

Before we left the office today, our pedi said she would see us at Blake's 1 year appointment. That gave my goosebumps. How could we possibly be only 3 months away from his first birthday???!!!! I am going to have to start planning his party in another month or two which is nuts. But don't worry...I already have the theme all picked out :-)

Now...if I could just figure out how to make time slow down. Anyone have any suggestions? :-)

*Sorry all the pictures in this post are terrible quality. I used the camera on my phone the past few days*


  1. Awe! He has a new best bud! Do you think we could get Missy to sit and listen to him too?

    Me neither!

    I love his chubbies too!!

  2. What a cutie pa tootie! That boy needs to let his mama sleep. I'm going to have to have a talk with him! :)

    I can't believe it's been almost a year since I was so anxious for your mom to guest post on your blog that he had arrived!!! Crazy.

  3. Could these pictures be any cuter? He looks so cute with Gunner. Love it!

  4. What a SWEETIE! Nine months already... wow!! I just love how he loves his big sister :)

  5. First...loving the fall design! Cute!

    Second...Blake's smile is just so precious and probably infectious too! Love that the kiddos love each other. They look so sweet together!

    As far as his first birthday goes, let me know if you need help with any of the decorations (banner, cupcake toppers, napkin rings, etc.) I'd be happy to help! I love doing that stuff!

  6. I can't believe how big Mr. Blake is getting! He's changed so much since even a month and a half ago when I last saw him.
    I also can't believe that you were pregnant at this time a year ago. Time is going by soooo fast.

  7. What a cutie!

    Have you found My son adores the sauteed eggplant. The site has some great recipes.

    (My son will be a year on Monday.)

    A sure fire winner for my little boy is green beans cooked in 3 oz of chicken stock and some water to cover. He eats them like CANDY.


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